Thai Restaurants in Solihull

 Solihull has restaurants that Thai food fans will adore

If you're seeking the Midlands' best massaman, or some superb satay skewers, you're in the right place. There are some fantastic Thai restaurants in the Solihull area, where the chefs are a dab hand at conjuring up ferocious curries and delicate tempura starters alike. Whether you're after something seriously spicy, or something mild and mellow from Thailand's national cookbook, Solihull's Thai restaurants are the place to be, and you'll find the best of them at Quandoo.

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Thai Brasserie Solihull

Bacon's End

The Lobster Pot - Nottingham

City Centre

Thai Orchid - Swindon

Old Town
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The Lobster Pot - Beeston


Thai Family Restaurant

Town Centre

O'cha Thai Restaurant

Town Centre

Aroi Thai - Nantwich

town centre

Amphawan Thai


Phanthong Thai - Sandbach


Aroi Thai - Shrewsbury

Town Centre
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    Relax and enjoy first-rate meals at Solihull's Thai restaurants

    Style is definitely one thing that marks out Solihull's Thai restaurants compared to others in the Midlands area. At restaurants like Thai Brasserie in Solihull town centre, you can enjoy total comfort in contemporary surroundings, before diving into the repertoire of master chef Peach Batpun. While standard southeast Asian eateries are often spartan and a little cramped, that's not the case here, where the dining room has all the room families and groups will need to enjoy their meal.
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    Enjoy sumptuous mains at Thai restaurants in Solihull

    However, let's be clear: we wouldn't be discussing style if the kitchens weren't up to scratch. And that's very much the case at Solihull's Thai restaurants. If you want a wholesome bowl of pad kee mao noodles, it will arrive piping hot, with just the right balance of noodle strands, fresh veggies, and oyster sauce. The stir fries are always cooked to perfection, with every element added at just the right moment, and impeccable sauces which match sweet and sour with consummate skill. And as for the curries, well, they can be as spicy or mild as you want them to be. One thing's for sure – they'll taste amazing.
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    Create sharing platters at Solihull's Thai restaurants

    Aside from the high-quality mains available at Solihull's finest Thai restaurants, another huge draw is the endless array of starters to choose from. Local southeast Asian eateries have moved into tapas territory, seeing that group diners love to share. So, feel free to order all of the peeg gai tod (chicken wings) and tad mun pla (fishcakes) you need, and allow everyone to pile in. Thailand's cuisine offers no end of delicacies, so why not try them all?