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Southampton is a busy commercial city on the South Coast, with a large university and visitor population that tops four million every year. It is known as being Europe's biggest cruise city and has a strong maritime culture, with beautiful marinas and the annual Boat and Yacht Show which is one of the biggest events in the city calendar and boasts over 600 exhibitors. Visitors can enjoy plenty of cultural attractions, including the Tudor House & Gardens, Maritime Museum, Solent Sky, SeaCity Museum and the Mayflower Theatre. For those that love excellent dining, there is also a superb range of Chinese restaurants in Southampton.

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The Lime Bar and Restaurant

Inner Avenue

Shanghai Bay

City Centre
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Tang's Chinese Restaurant

City Centre


City Centre

Shanghai 1814

City Centre

China Brasserie

Town Centre

The Mandarin Fusion

Town Centre

The New Fountain Garden


La Orient Fareham

Town Centre
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    The Chinese community in Southampton

    The city's port history and coastal location have always made it a hotspot for immigration, and it has been welcoming incomers for centuries since the Huguenots were driven out of Catholic France in the 16th century. In fact, 20% of the city's residents were born overseas, which helps to explain why there are so many excellent Chinese restaurants in Southampton! The local Chinese population is well integrated and celebrations for the traditional Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are enjoyed by all residents. The busy cultural calendar in the city does mean that the Chinese restaurants in Southampton can get very busy when families and groups are celebrating - so book your tables up to 2 hours in advance with Quandoo to avoid having to queue.
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    Which of Southampton's Chinese restaurants will you choose?

    Quandoo diners have recommended a number of the Chinese restaurants in Southampton. Try Zen in the city centre, which offers a high-quality menu and great cooking with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Kachina in Shirley is highly popular for its buffet which is open from lunchtime onwards, with a menu option for those who prefer it. The ingredients are fresh, the food is authentic and the flavours are delicious! You'll find Chinese restaurants all across Southampton, from small and intimate venues with traditional interiors through to large, sociable buffets which are perfect for groups and celebrations.
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    Prices and occasions to suit everyone

    The Chinese restaurants in Southampton vary in price and there are dining options to suit all budgets. The large student population means that menus tend to be affordable, and the buffets are particularly good value. Be sure to look out for fixed menu lunches if you are trying to stay within a budget. The Chinese restaurants in Southampton tend to be quieter at lunch and you'll enjoy great service and interesting menus which the chance to enjoy a mix of old classics and new specialities. Just remember to go hungry - Chinese food can be filling, especially if you fill up on the prawn crackers before your meal!
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    What will you eat at Southampton's Chinese restaurants

    Looking to try something new when you dine out? Southampton's Chinese restaurants won't disappoint. Try cumin spiced lamb skewers, braised e-fu noodles (which are a symbol of longevity) or even a little congee at breakfast with soy and spring onions. Buddha's Delight is a gentle meal of delicate vegetables and fungi which is traditionally served to Buddhist monks and Sichuanese mapo tofu is spicy and exciting. If you have any room for dessert, then ask your server if mango pudding is on the menu. It's light, refreshing and zingy in taste. Remember to open your fortune cookies for some Chinese good luck, and enjoy a glass of aromatic white wine or a pot of white tea with your meal. Just remember to share your review of your favourite Chinese restaurants in Southampton with the Quandoo dining community after you dine!