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2 Italian Restaurants in Staffordshire

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Exquisite osso bucco and sublime melanzanas are just a few clicks away thanks to Quandoo's collection of Italian restaurants in Stafford. If you're a fan of the peninsular's cuisine, and want to explore your passion further, our local partners can't wait to show off their regional specialities and culinary skills. An endless array of dishes awaits Stafford foodies at these Italian restaurants. Browse the menus, make a reservation, and prepare for a blitz of taste, aroma, and sheer satisfaction.

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Vivere Italian Restaurant

Vivere Italian Restaurant

Portofino – Stoke

Portofino – Stoke
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    At Stafford's Italian restaurants, ingredients are king

    What makes Stafford's elite Italian restaurants different to the chain eateries or bog standard pizzerias that diners might be used to? Well, freshness and ingredient selection makes a massive difference. Good Italian chefs like the staff at Vivere never compromise on sourcing the perfect ingredients. If they need Type 00 flour for their pizza dough, and it has to come from a specific corner of Italy, then so be it. No corners are cut, and no expense is spared in pursuit of gastronomic perfection. And you can taste that emphasis on freshness and quality in every mouthful – something that everyday takeouts can't even hope to approach.
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    The kitchen skills are mind-blowing at the Italian restaurants in Stafford

    Of course, the other thing that marks out Stafford's best Italian restaurants are their kitchen skills. It's easy to cook up ordinary pasta Bolognese or pizzas covered in cheese and pepperoni. But it's incredibly tough to fine tune dishes like homemade tortelli al cinghiale (wild boar stuffed pasta parcels), or spicy Sicilian risottos. To get these dishes right takes years of practice and care, which is exactly what to expect when you head for an Italian at Stafford's finest restaurants. Sure, there are familiar names like carbonara or lasagne al forno - but the tastes won't be so familiar.
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    Give yourself time to enjoy Stafford's elite Italian restaurants

    The quality levels at Stafford's Italian restaurants are sustained all the way from start to finish – another mark of a high quality ristorante. At these eateries, you can arrange a leisurely lunch or dinner, and stretch out your enjoyment. From the first bit of bread and olive oil, through starters like calamari, divine mains, and mouth-watering desserts, foodies can lose hours savouring what's available. And one thing's for sure. They'll be glad they did.