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3 Restaurants in Surrey: American

Classic all-American restaurants in Surrey

From fine-dining restaurants to grand-and-go eateries to sit-down cafes, American restaurants in Surrey are the people's choice! While there is no dearth to the food options in this grand county of millionaires, American food holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. There is something wholeheartedly comforting about being able to visit a cozy spot and dig into a hearty slice of warm apple pie on a cold Tuesday. And little else can brighten an office lunchtime food hunt like a classic American hot dog with 'all the fixins''. From the Haymarket to the West End, there are family-friendly, American restaurants in Surrey just waiting to be sampled.

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Blacks Burgers - Horley

Blacks Burgers - Horley

Frankie & Benny's Camberley

Town Centre
Frankie & Benny's Camberley

Frankie & Benny's Guildford

Town Centre
Frankie & Benny's Guildford
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    A restaurant scene built on feel-good favourites

    Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie and you can find this delicacy in Surrey. American restaurantsserve up specialty dishes during distinctly American holidays so mark your calendars and bring on your stretchy sweatpants. American restaurants in Surrey dedicate these holidays to dishes like smoked and stuffed turkey, slow-cooked cornbread stuffing, sweet potato mash and green bean casserole. A host of feel-food favourites can be found across the city of Surrey and American restaurants attract plenty of locals looking for some comfort built into a dish.
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    Experience American cuisine from both coasts

    What makes Boston, Massachusetts distinct from sunny San Diego, California? It's more than just the culture and the sunshine - it's the local cuisine as a way of life. Grab a taste of these distinct dishes at specific American restaurants in Surrey, focusing on a celebration of coastal cuisine. Got a craving for lobsters from Maine, salmon from the Pacific or good ol' mud pie from the Mississippi? There's a spot for that! The best part is the decorative ambiance of the restaurants, which are often finished in rich, dark woods, intimate booths for two to four guests, and plenty of American memorabilia across its walls to enhance the sense of having stepped into another country entirely.
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    Find authentic American eats in Surrey

    You don't have to walk around far to hit up the best spots from the land of the great frontiers. Whether it's an independent spot or one location of many, you can expect a classic American menu and hospitality to meet you right at the doorstep. For those with a more adventurous palate, with a hankering for some hearty meat, there are American restaurants in Surrey with items on the a-la-carte menu such as steaks, rack of ribs, classic steak burgers or a specialty 'Jack Daniels'-infused dessert.