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One of Australia's most globalised, cosmopolitan cities, Sydney has long been a home for people from all over the world keen to kickstart their life down under. These days, the Harbour City’s diversity can be seen in the wide variety of international restaurants which grace its streets. Sydney's Turkish restaurants in particular are a favourite for the local foodies: from juicy sucuklu sausage to thick falafel wraps full of salad and traditional sauce, this is an authentic slice of Istanbul right here in Australia. Sydney's Turkish restaurants can get pretty busy, mind you, so it's wise to book ahead: with Quandoo, you can simply browse our hand-picked menu selections, check opening hours and location information and reserve a table in a few clicks. It's genuinely never been easier!

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Sahara By the Park


Taste Of Turkey


Ferah Cafe Restaurant

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Pasha’s Lounge

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    Sample authentic breakfasts at Sydney's Turkish restaurants

    When it comes to the local cuisine, Turkey does many things well – but one of its finest exports is its breakfast. Sydney's Turkish restaurants have certainly realised how important breakfast is in this cuisine, and thankfully you can find the traditional morning combination of eggs, cheese and vegetables at Turkish restaurants across Sydney. For a divine breakfast influenced by the authentic cooking techniques of Turkey, head down to Ferah Cafe Restaurant on King Street where meal consist of sucuklu with staples such as olives, eggs and kasar as well as tomato and cucumber, all served with cream and honey. If you can't make it for breakfast, don't worry: if you come here at lunch or dinner time, the lamb grill (lamb shish served with rice, salad, and traditional bread and dips) is also certainly recommended.
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    Indulge in delicious meat at Sydney's Turkish restaurants

    The cuisine of Turkey is heavily centred around meat, so it makes sense that Sydney's Turkish restaurants are serving up delicious meat dishes that could rival even the incredible eateries of Istanbul. Meats like sucuklu sausage and veal are popular in this cuisine, as are cuts of lamb. For some of the finest lamb in Sydney, Turkish restaurants like Taste Of Turkey on Enmore Road are known for serving up dishes like Tandir kebab (lamb shoulder served with rice and salad) and Etli Guvec (diced lamb and vegetables cooked in a traditional clay pot). And if you've been out for a few drinks before your meal, you can always go for one of the world's favourite post-pub fast food options: the Iskender (doner meat in bread with yoghurt and sauce) is served in kebab shops around Australia and beyond, and makes an ideal meal for those who want something warm, tasty and filling with a tiny bit of grease.
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    Try a delicious coffee at Sydney's Turkish restaurants

    Many of Sydney's Turkish restaurants aren't just eateries, they're cafes too. This means that alongside your food you can enjoy a delicious Turkish coffee for a caffeine boost before heading back to work or out to see the sights of Sydney's. This regional speciality, made on the stove with lots of care and attention, sees the coffee left to brew in the cup when served to make a pungent but popular drink. For a top-quality, authentic coffee to go alongside a lunchtime snack, why not head down to Yenikoy on King Street in Newtown? Open from early till late, this cafe serves up original coffee alongside a variety of tempting food items, including halloumi burgers, traditional sigara borek pastries filled with feta cheese, parsley and olives as well as durum wraps filled with meat, cabbage, carrot and more. As with the majority of Sydney's Turkish restaurants this is a popular place, so don't forget to reserve a table in advance!