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4.9 /6 Mükemmel 45 Değerlendirme

Chutney's Euston

Euston Hint Mutfağı ££ +100
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Çalışma saatleri

  • Pazartesi 12:00 - 23:00
  • Salı 12:00 - 23:00
  • Çarşamba 12:00 - 23:00
  • Perşembe 12:00 - 23:00
  • Cuma 12:00 - 23:00
  • Cumartesi 12:00 - 23:00
  • Pazar 12:00 - 22:30
Chutney's Euston, 124 Drummond Street, NW1 2PA London

45 Değerlendirme

4.9 /6 Mükemmel 45 Değerlendirme
Servis Hızı: Anında servis
Lezzet: Nefis
Gürültü: Sakin
Ortam: Eğlenceli
Servis: Samimi
Fiyat / Performans: Mükemmel
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Bernadett K.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
27.08.2017 11:01

Excellent food, at unbelievable price! Service, as always is polite and quick and the food choice in the buffet is excellent. Highly, highly recommended to anyone!

John T.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
22.08.2017 22:35

Wonderful Indian vegetarian food. I can not remember he names of the starters ! However we all agreed that they were delicious. My main course was a Dossa and it was amazing ! The drinks including the Lime juice drink was also brilliant. Including a tip the food came to £16 a head, and it was well worth it !

Matthew C.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
15.08.2017 08:45

Quiet, relaxing, service very good to let you get on with your evening. They even allowed us to bring our own alcohol and consume with our meals.

Heather P.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
05.05.2017 13:35

Chutney's Euston Food quality is always excellent- vegetarian and vegan and never any eggs in anything. You can bring your own bottle as they don't sell. Try the Mushroom Bhaji!! Yumm!

Philip M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
02.11.2016 08:22

Our first visit. We chose Chutney's because it was the near the theatre we had booked tickets for, and came up on Google maps. We read a variety of reviews, positive and some less so. But for us everything was good... the food was tasty, the service was fine and the folk friendly. We will come again if visiting this part of London. Recommended.

Stephen G.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
08.10.2017 09:03

Good value buffet lunch and wide range of vegetarian dishes. Also good range of non-alcoholic drinks at reasonable prices. The staff were very helpful at getting one of us who is disabled into the restaurant. Negotiating the 2 or 3 steps outside would be helped by a rail, and the toilets, which were modern and clean, were down a steep flight of stairs.

Rita D.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
15.05.2017 07:55

Delicious fresh food in the Sunday buffet beautifully presented. Large range of starters, salads, mains and desserts. Yummy poppadoms and chutneys too. Good dessert buffet but gulab jamuns could be better - i prefer them hot. Kheer (rice pudding) was perfect - rich and creamy. Good service. I think they were surprised we left a generous tip.

Michael S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
16.12.2016 10:41

Food was pretty good. Might have been nicer to enjoy were the courses not served within three minutes of one another - waiter said he thought we had finished, but instead of taking back the mains, decided to squeeze them on to an already packed and small table. Very fast, but very blunt, service. Food great all the same. Go, just smile as you walk in :)

Sally M.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
15.01.2017 13:03

The buffet was amazing - a huge variety of good quality vegetarian food, plus several dessert options. It's also excellent value for money - there were two of us: we were both stuffed and, including soft drinks, our bill came to less than £20.

Michael S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
29.09.2016 09:21

Always a great place to go, the food is brilliant and the simple canteen buffet style is extremely versatile - works equally well for large and small groups, quick lunches and longer affairs.

Alan W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
18.02.2017 09:35

We sat upstairs which is always my preference, even though the restaurant was busy we weren't rushed at all. Great food as usual, friendly service and the freshly squeezed juices were delicious.

Harini K.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
07.11.2016 12:32

Really tasty food; affordable. No alcohol served in the restaurant, but you can always pop across the road to the pub for a beer afterwards or even before. Highly recommended restaurant!

Yoni B.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
02.11.2016 12:04

Excellent casual restaurant to meet friends. Not too frilly. All vegetarian. Good food and pleasant atmosphere. (Non alcoholic too, which could be a plus or minus.). Just around the corner from Euston station so easily accessible.

Sandra W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
17.07.2017 13:05

Nice atmosphere, good welcome, very reasonable, very good grub😊 Good mix of dishes on the buffet, constantly replenished. Flovours not always outstanding but great value tasty well presented veggie food. Recommended by a fussy foodie😉

Ian S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
19.03.2017 08:05

Good quality, fresh and delicious Indian vegetarian food. Great value at £6.99 all inclusive. We went on a Saturday lunchtime expecting it to be quiet, but it was buzzing.

Jade C.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
12.10.2016 19:42

Had the delicious meal with 20 ingredients, Wasn't as hot as I expected but was still delicious, the tandori chicken of my cousin was delicious, and every dishes I got to taste were perfect

Mazlina I.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
15.09.2017 09:29

My third time here for the lunch buffet - no complains so far. Reasonable price considering the area its in, and good tasty food. Would recommend if you're looking for a quick, filling meal.

Vinoo T.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
11.04.2017 08:54

Book before going as it does get crowded. It is very easy to eat too much as there were 28 dishes! So just go easy when loading your plate. Great to sample different dishes.

Brian W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
29.11.2016 07:51

Enjoyed the friendly service and good Indian vegetarian food. Better the more people in the party and then the dishes can be shared and savoured. Thank you,..... Brian

Lauren C.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
25.03.2016 01:04

This is my absolute fave restaurant in London. V cheap and v fun - BYOB and great for large groups. Have been 3 times in the past month.