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Manjal Indian Restaurant

Canary WharfHint Mutfağı
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Manjal Indian Restaurant
3 Turnberry Quay, Canary Wharf
London E14 9RD

Menüden Seçtiklerimiz



Indo Chilly Paneer

cottage cheese and portobello mushrooms sautéed in chefs special hot sauce with diced onion, colourful capsicum & spring onion
8,25 £

Chicken Devil

battered chicken deep fried and sautéed with onion, capsicum, fresh spices and chefs special hot devil sauce
10,25 £

Masala Fried Sea Bream

fresh sea bream fish marinated with South Indian spices and fried
11,95 £

Küçük Tabaklar

Milk Appam - South Indian Pancake

crispy appam served with a sweet coconut milk topping
4,95 £

Mushroom Pulao

spiced pulao rice mixed with fresh mushrooms
5,25 £

Plain Naan / Butter Naan

white bread prepared with plain flour, sunflower oil & milk, cooked in the clay oven
2,95 £

Ana Yemekler

Aloo Mutter

steamed potato & peas cooked in onion paste & North Indian spices
7,95 £

Tendli & Capsicum Masala

fresh ivy gourd cooked with onion, tomato and peppers
9,95 £

Grilled Duck Masala

special duck breast curry prepared with sesame seeds, peppers and coconut
14,95 £
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Manjal Indian Restaurant hakkında 114 değerlendirme

114 değerlendirme
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Diederik v.13 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Verry good food and friendly people, clean and good service, we will go back, that is for sure. I recomand to everybody this good restaurant!!!

Debbie B.bir ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

The best Indian meal I have had in a long time, excellent food, excellent service, can highly recommend! The menu is not like your usual choice, it has the traditional Bhuna, Korma etc but a huge selection of other tasty dishes I had never heard of.

Albert J.bir ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

When we decide to dine in the Canary Wharf area and if we chose Indian food, our obvious choice is the Manjal restaurant. I was there with my friend on April 20th and it was a great experience as usual. The food was authentic and amazing as usual. We opted for lamb kothu roti, kerala parata, and chicken chettinad with taste of india (which is a mix of indian desserts like gulab jamun, halwa, etc.) along with kulfi. The staff are friendly and the hotel surroundings (and the water-side view) are nice too. Their enormous choice of south and north Indian food makes it an ideal choice for any time of food-lover. So far, we have never been disappointed and I hope and wish that the restaurant keep up its good work and maintain the high standard in the coming days too.

Suresh C.bir ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

It was my first visit to Manjal & I went there with my colleague on a sunny Friday afternoon. The food was great with sumptuous large portions , the ambience was excellent & the staff were very friendly & professional. Awesome experience overall .

rose a.2 yıl önce · 2 değerlendirme

Went on a Friday night and had pre-booked a table for a party of 6 so was nice to walk past the queue ... The restaurant was busy and full, a good sign. The food was lovely, we shared starters of chilli paneer, chicken 65 and potato tikki chat, all very nice. We selected a few curries to share, and the waiter was initially helpful with recommendations on how much to order for a group. All the food was very nice, however the service got very hectic due to the busy restaurant. This was fine for us as we were left to chat, but got a bit ridiculous as the night went on, with abrupt service of our mains and no smile from the waitress. After mains no-one had offered us a desert menu for 30 mins, so I asked for one, only to wait another 30 mins before asking again, this time from our initial waiter. When he returned with menus he gruffly gave us them saying rudely we had 5 mins to choose before the kitchen closed. I said that we had asked for a desert menu half an hour ago so was a bit unfair to suddenly expect us to choose, Only to be met with 'well I didn't know you'd asked'... was just a bit uncalled for and unprofessional as he should have taken responsibility for serving us properly in the first place rather than leaving us for an hour. Spoilt the evening a bit for me, though others didn't really notice. Some of us had dessert, gulab jamun and icecreams, which were nice but ice-cream choice was limited by then to chocolate. So all in all, the food was really very good, but the service let it down. I know it was a busy night, but having pre-booked, and being a Friday, you'd have thought the restaurant would be prepared. I'd go again on a less busy night though.

Lisa L.2 yıl önce · 4 değerlendirme

From the time you walk in you feel welcome and have attentive service. The food selection is great with an equal share of vegetarian and non vegetarian. The servings are a great size for the price and the food is tasty and high quality. It's an enjoyable experience and there is nothing that I could suggest they change. Lunch cost around £20 for poppadoms with dips as a starter and then a main course with rice, and a soft drink. I couldn't have eaten any more so feel it was good value for money. Tasty food and great service

Alison M.10 ay önce · 2 değerlendirme

Most of the food was really good (particularly the spinach and lentil dahl and the chicken bhuna) but the onion uthapam I had, had a strange undertaste that reminded of bread that's gone off - that yeasty flavour when bread has gone slightly mouldy. It wasn't off as I haven't been ill and clearly all the food was freshly prepared so I thought it might be a herb I was unfamiliar with. I asked one of the waiters what the ingredients were and he was a bit taken aback and mentioned only four, none of which were unusual but I couldn't eat the outside of the uthapam because the taste was over-powering and so only ate the filling. Also, we waited ages for our meal and there was no explanation or apology for how long we had to wait. We saw at least two other tables arrive after us who got their food long before we did. Our waitresses were both lovely though and I couldn't fault them but I got the feeling that there weren't enough staff to cope with a busy Saturday night. However, overall I really enjoyed going and will be going back.

Claudiu C.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Brilliant Indian restaurant in the Canary Wharf area. Nice view of the canal, clean modern-looking layout, brilliant tasty food (much more sophisticated in presentation compared to usual Indian restaurants, the plates and cutlery and especially the glasses very appealing in design), excellent wine, conveniently priced. Service was excellent and the waiter Mark impressed us on the night with his good sense of humour and even knowing one or two words in our native language (Romanian)!

Vicky N.2 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

We would definitely recommend this restaurant. Staff were friendly and helpful, we increased our booking from 12 to 25 a few days before and ended up with over 30 on the night which they dealt with easily. The food was fantastic and we have had many of the customers who dined with us comment it was one of the best Indian meals they had experienced. We will definitely be returning.

Paula L.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Amazing food - the best Indian curry I've had. The waiter was wonderful and very attentive and suggested most of our dishes after we'd gone through what we liked and disliked. He was spot on for every choice! Made us feel so welcome and even asked if we were there for a special reason. Beautiful venue on the dockside. An 11 out of 10. Couldn't fault it.

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