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Parkers Steakhouse - Drysdale

Drysdale Izgara & Steak $$$ +100
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Parkers Steakhouse - Drysdale, Palmerston Street 7, 3222 Drysdale

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194 Değerlendirme

5.4 /6 Mükemmel 194 Değerlendirme
Gürültü: Sakin
Lezzet: Mükemmel ötesi
Fiyat / Performans: Ucuz
Ortam: Mükemmel
Servis Hızı: Kısa zamanda geldi
Servis: Mükemmel
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Sally K.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
22.08.2017 09:04

Amazing steaks. Probably the best in Geelong. We are fussy with our steaks however go to Parkers in Drysdale about once a month.

Sonia R.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
27.07.2017 11:12

Amazing service, friendly and hospitable. The food was perfect and filling. Great value. We would highly recommend this restaurant. We had a great night. Thanks guys!

Christa P.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
26.07.2017 08:33

As always, fantastic food and an amazing environment! Staff are welcoming and helpful. Meals are cooked to your liking (not many places can cook a steak blue and anotherwell done, but Parker's do it to perfection)

Rebecca D.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
23.07.2017 11:45

the food was excellent and the staff were very professional and we hardly had to wait for our meals. Was delicious and we will definitely be back :)

Judi B.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
10.06.2016 11:35

This is the place for steak. I recommend this restaurant for a simple but well cooked steak with a nice sauce, a potato and a garden salad. Don't bother with dessert though. It's not their specialty. Their chef should learn the simple process of dunking boiled eggs from boiling water in to cold water to halt the cooking process and prevent those ugly grey circles. The eggs in their Caesar salads always have the grey rings around the yolk and look very unappetizing. This is a very easy fix. Why haven't they sorted this out yet? Someone fix it please. Don't expect fine dinng here. You'll get bread & butter but no side plate, so you'll need to hold the bread in your hand while you butter it. I've always been unimpressed by this. Plates shouldn't be too much to expect. For a simple meal and well cooked steak however, this is a good place to go. The atmosphere is pretty casual.

Carole G.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
29.01.2016 09:18

Excellent customer service, the girls knew which persons meaks they were without asking, the cashier/ owner (i think), knew which table we were sat at, drinks were renewed without being pushy. Food was excellent, steaks were perfect. If I have one thing to say it that sides are extra but there is no room on the plate for them untiluntil you have eaten something. I would like my meal on the plate at the same time but that is a minor thing. Will be back for sure.

Jonathan F.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
28.01.2016 10:23

Eye Fillet steak was good but not outstanding considering the cost. Large baked potato with sour cream was nice but could have used some cheese and bacon bits. Sauces cost extra but was plentiful. Double choc cake was a bit dry in the middle and not enough chocolate sauce or ice cream - we had to ask for more ice cream which was obligingly provided at no extra cost. Would have given a 4.5 rating if I could have as I would rate some of the finer Melbourne Restaurants at a 5 to 5.5 and only 3 or 4 at the maximum rating of 6. They would do well to reconsider the value proposition of this steakhouse.

Greg I.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
25.04.2016 00:10

we thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Parkers Drysdale. The young guys serving us were efficient and quite attentive seeing as it was their first night. The food was exceptional, steaks cooked perfectly and the sauces were amazing. The ambience was a little noisy and not exactly conducive to a quiet dinner, but that is really the only thing we could fault, The food is why you dine here and it was wonderful.

Lorraine J.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
06.03.2016 21:52

We were the last table to leave, so that in itself says how much we enjoyed Parkers Steakhouse, our meals were absolutely delicious, but we couldn't eat it all. Our waitress was lovely, she was very bubbly, beautiful personality and she didn't overstay at our table. All the staff were friendly. Was an overall great experience and we will be back!! Thank you.

Brooke B.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
25.06.2016 12:50

Absolutely delicious meals. We ordered a steak each and shared a side of grilled vegetables, walking out well and truly over full. The sauces are amazing!! We've now tried both the Geelong and Drysdale restaurants and we honestly cannot choose which is our favourite, there is no difference between the 2 in flavour, size, quality, options or staff friendliness. We'll definitely be back!!!

Audrey F.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
08.03.2016 22:34

The welcome by the friendly wait staff and their service throughout our meal is commendable. We loved the rustic ambiance and most importantly, there is ample space between the tables. It was lovely not to be crowded by one's dining neighbours. Our entrée and steaks were absolutely great. The sides were good, however, could be better. Added to all of the aforegoing, is a very notable winelist, which enhanced our dining experience.

Gian M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
06.01.2016 02:34

GREAT food enjoyed it immensely....... only complaint .....being a hot day we were served lukewarm water and didn't get it until we asked for water these days every restaurant I've been to serves cold water with glasses on the table before we even order our meals A pity we all found that a bit strange ......there were a large number of us but will go again ...hope they fix that

Simon M.
Şu ana kadar 5 yorum 5
09.05.2016 00:59

Love the food here so much, it's why I return again and again and again. My ribs were fantastic as usual, the red wine went down so easily. On the down side though my daughters ribs were a little over cooked and my wife's steak was more medium well done instead of medium, thats the only reason I'm giving it a 5 instead of a 6.

Jamie N.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 2
05.06.2017 00:02

Having dined at Parkers Geelong restaurant many times we had decided to try there Drysdale site big mistake while the food we eventually received was fine the service was some of the worst I have ever had to endure. After arrival seated and drinks ordered a short intermission before we made our order as our favourites where unchanged. While I don’t expect meals to come out in ten minutes I do expect that dinners arriving after us do not receive meals before us, after an hour our meals were presented incorrectly and the side orders had been forgotten. After again waiting for these to be rushed out and received warm was more insult to injury. Staff had little to offer us in way of an explanation other than the order had been over looked and continually asking if we were satisfied was just infuriating to say the least.

Brian R.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
22.12.2016 06:09

The staff were very professional with courtesy and service. Our meals were extremely high quality with an impressive prompt delivery after ordering. The setting was that expected of a high class restaurant. It wont be the last time we visit Parkers (in Drysdale) to ensure a great dining experience.

Ron D.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
28.03.2016 01:55

really enjoyed the night. From the moment you walk through the door you are very well looked after and the meal you could not fault. Our waitress Bridget was lovely and Anthony helped with our wine selection nicely. Could not fault the night. Will definately be back.

angela k.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
07.09.2016 23:31

The food. Wine and staff were one of the best experiences for dinning we have had for a very long time. Excellent . On the down side for me was that the decor was quite stark and lacked a "softness, but otherwise couldn't fault the dinning experience.

Kerri C.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
26.09.2016 00:45

The food was to die for, the wait staff exceptionally friendly, just be prepared to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill! In saying that the whole night was faultless. Would definitely go again minus the food loving teenager. Great for that special night out

Bec R.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
17.04.2016 12:22

The service was fantastic, with friendly staff who are always smiling and pleasant. The food was amazing! Steak was cooked to perfection, well done as requested, which was great. I didn't have to send it back to be cooked more. Would dine here again and again :)

Jamie-lee L.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
16.07.2016 13:06

We love the food here! Service is great and it has such a relaxed feel. The only down side tonight was that it was freeeezing outside and every time the doors opened there was a surge of freezing air that ran through the restaurant! But a few glasses of the local Shiraz helped with that 😉

Rod N.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
30.01.2016 20:44

The food was outstanding,particularly the steaks which were cooked to perfection One of our guests was a retired chef and airline catering manager.He was highly impressed with the entire evening.Our thanks to Bridgette our waitress who made our evening so enjoyable.WE WILL BE BACK.

Sandra K.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
09.06.2017 14:41

The service was excellent, the meal was cooked to perfection, the price was right and it wasn't too noisy, as some places can be. This was our 4th visit and we'll be back again very soon, to enjoy another lovely evening. Thank you :)

Ricky P.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
17.01.2017 21:37

The First thing i would like to say is absolutely brilliant !!! , by far best meal we have ever had and we have eaten in a lot of restaurants all around Australia , food & service ***** Rick and very happy Wife.

Mark K.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
12.04.2016 09:23

Parkers Steakhouse has the best pork Belly I've ever eaten it was so yummy and it melted in my mouth. The Steak was cooked just how i liked it . it was the 2nd time I've been here and it's worth the money

Carole G.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
11.07.2016 23:10

Service was a bit slow. I think d u e to bew staff member on floor and had to wait quite a while for the food to come out. The food was once again perfect and fantastic we were all in all very happy diners. We will go back.

Hazel M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
07.12.2016 10:50

The reservation went smoothly. I appreciated the reminder. Our food was delicious, and the service excellent. I had the pork spare ribs, others had steak and chops. Everyone was well satisfied. Thank you the to chefs and waiting staff.

William M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
22.01.2016 08:53

Best service and food I have ever eaten in a restaurant. Everyone was so friendly and 10 out of 10 to the chef who cooked my steak to the perfection. Will definitely come back and recommend it to everyone.

David F.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
02.07.2016 11:34

Everyone at our table rated their steaks as “perfect”. Sauces and salad good too. Service was a bit slow later in the evening but the place was full so it’s understandable. Would happily recommend it to steak lovers.

John C.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
17.07.2016 00:32

Very tasty food. We had porterhouse steaks with a lovely pepper sauce and side salad. Wine selection is very good and some good selections of on tap and local beers to try. We will be going back.

Wayne H.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
06.03.2017 04:32

We ordered the Angus Filet steak and it was the best steak we have had in a very long time. The service was prompt and our server was very nice. It was a lovely evening all around.

Lisa B.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 4
18.03.2017 11:13

Last time we went the service was exceptional and food was amazing. Tonight my steak was tough and the service left a lot to be desired. All young staff and not a lot of attention to detail. Last time the person in charge was very attentive and made sure all was operating as it should.

ruth r.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
12.01.2017 01:29

We visited last night,Wednesday 11th Jan,for our Anniversary.The service was very efficient and friendly ,although being called "guys" is never to my liking.We ordered the 300gm eye fillet steaks which were cooked rare,as ordered,but unfortunately they were tough !!!! At $50/steak we should have been able to enjoy tender and juicy meat.The side vegs were fine,as was the salad.If you can't get a tender steak at Geelong's premier steakhouse then where can you?

Wayne M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
26.06.2017 10:25

If you love a good steak with plenty of options then this is the place to go, highly recommend the bake potato, oh and the buffalo wings were just awesome, just the right amount of spice.

Anne B.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
15.10.2016 11:21

Booking our table through quandoo worked well and it was ready when we arrived. Staff welcomed us and were very accomodating. Food was fabulous, very tasty and well presented. A return visit a must. Loved it.

Tara P.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
15.10.2016 10:32

Fantastic food, even better service! From the moment we walked in we knew we were in for a treat. The atmosphere is warm and friendly with a great wine list to compliment all food options

Yoshi B.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
26.02.2017 10:35

Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it. Beautiful meal. Couldn't fault it.

Sue W.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
05.06.2016 00:15

Service is great. Food is always the best. Great selection of wines. Try the mushroom & feta entree its delicious. Meats cooked to perfection. The only place to be on a cold winters Saturday night.

Howard A.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
19.03.2017 21:48

best meat in the area - superior to local wineries (we had eye fillet at two other prominent wineries) Whilst the environment and views of the wineries was much nicer - the meat at Parkers was worth the "older style" decor.

Robyn M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
22.05.2016 12:08

Congratulations on providing excellent service, fantastic food and a good atmosphere. This is one of our favourite restaurants to visit when we are looking for a big 'meaty feast'. You never fail to deliver!

Lisa B.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
21.10.2016 01:23

Awesome dinner and awesome staff. Had a great night. Loved the whole atmosphere of the place and the food was amazing. Staff help with tips of what drinks to order and we're very friendly.

Natalie C.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
21.05.2016 12:45

AMAZING!!! Fantastic service, everyone is so friendly. The entrée variety on the menu is great it's hard just to pick one. We were too full for dessert but wish we could have made room.

Manfred H.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
27.06.2016 23:44

Not just the steak, entrees are amazing and the wheat beer on tap is amongst my favourites! Highly recommend !! The steak probably the best I've ever had! Great atmosphere and great service!

Debbie S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
03.12.2015 11:40

The service was perfect, food perfect, as always will be back again. thoroughly recommend to anyone . The specialy made drinks for my sons Birthday were very well received and a wonderful atmosphere.

Jamie L.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
31.05.2017 22:46

Always amazing food and service at Parkers Strakhouse Drysdale. Great place to eat in groups as well as for a couple. Best steak i have had and always great every time we go

Simon M.
Şu ana kadar 5 yorum 6
03.03.2016 21:05

Tried the wings and pork ribs tonight, so good. Lots of meat on the ribs and that Louisiana sauce on the wings is awesome. Highly recommend this restaurant and such great service.

Sue W.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
02.09.2016 14:03

Predinner drinks on the couch in front of the wood fire. No rush to get you to your table. Fantastic food. Wonderful Staff. Andrew makes the experience even more special. Cheers Andrew.

Shannon L.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
11.04.2016 10:50

Great place to dine - lovely steaks cooked just right and fantastic desserts (very sweet). The wine list was extensive and featured some more unusual labels. the service was friendly and efficient.

Patricia Z.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
16.10.2016 01:29

Great atmosphere , excellent food and friendly efficient staff . What more could you ask for , if your looking for a great night out look no further than Parkers steak house

Michael M.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
06.07.2016 12:56

great steak and options of cuts good variety of sauces or gravies to choose from beautiful chips or a large baked spud to accompany the steak loved the vegie shaslick and the best hunk of pumpkin as well.

Jeanette R.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
13.03.2017 01:48

We liked that the tables aren't double booked and there is plenty of room between tables but didn't like that extra is charged for seconds of bread and sauces. My husband really loved his t-bone and the Banks Rd wine was yummy, a nice night was enjoyed