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Chinese Restaurant in Warwickshire

 Enjoy classic and contemporary Chinese restaurants in Warwick

Chinese food was the first Asian cuisine to reach the mass market in Britain, thanks to the steady numbers of migrants from Hong Kong who offered Cantonese dishes in family-run restaurants. These days even the smallest towns in the UK usually offer at least one Chinese restaurant. In Warwick, Chinese restaurants range from traditional Cantonese establishments with familiar menus to contemporary cafes serving regional dishes from across China. Many diners now choose Chinese restaurants for a quick lunch of noodles or stir fries, and some Warwick Chinese restaurants also offer set menus or buffets from midday.

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Been Restaurant

Town Centre
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    Enjoy buffet dining and relaxed Chinese restaurants in Warwick

    The buffet style of dining has become a popular option at some Chinese restaurants, and Warwick offers this style of menu in many town centre establishments. Set price buffets provide an extensive choice of starters, main courses and usually a dessert. It's the perfect option for anyone who gets indecisive when faced by a long menu in Chinese restaurants, as it allows you to try a sample of everything. The self-service style is also useful if you are a little pushed for time.
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    Try the distinctive flavours of Chinese restaurants in Warwick

    Cantonese menus still dominate Chinese dining in the UK, and many Warwick restaurants feature this style of cuisine, where the authentic recipes from Southeast China have been tweaked for the UK market. Char siu pork, crispy duck, lemon chicken and sweet and sour pork have become classic dishes after decades on the menus of Chinese restaurants. In Warwick, some restaurants also have alternatives, particularly Szechuan cuisine, characterised by its use of chilli, as well as Beijing-style cooking. Newer establishments offer authentic regional dishes, for diners looking for unfamiliar flavours and innovative culinary creations.
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    Enjoy the wide choice of Chinese dining in Warwick

    Warwick is a university town and the student population ensures there is plenty of choice when it comes to Chinese restaurants. There is also a steady stream of tourists attracted by the imposing castle on the banks of the Avon. Warwick's restaurants offer handy options for a spot of lunch in between seeing the sights or for a relaxed evening meal after a day of exploring. With just a few clicks, Quandooo can secure your table at one of the many Chinese restaurants in Warwick.