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Italian Restaurants in Warwickshire

 Explore your culinary fantasies at Italian restaurants in Warwick

The county town of Warwick is steeped in history. Home to major landmarks such as Warwick Castle, The Dream Factory and St. John’s Museum, this picturesque town is a major centre for tourism in the West Midlands of England. As a result, Warwick has many Italian restaurants serving authentic cuisine from the homeland. So whether you’re looking for your usual chicken carbonara or you’re in the mood to be more adventurous, the cuisine you love so much is always just a short walk away.

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Basement Browns - Leamington Spa

Town Centre

Bellagio Ristorante Italiano - Leamington Spa

Town Centre
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    Try new and exciting dishes at Italian restaurants in Warwick

    Let’s face it: throw a stick in most cities and you’ll hit an eatery serving pizza or pasta. However, if you want to explore authentic dishes such as cacciatore, amatriciana, carne pizzaiola and ribollita, there are some great family-run Italian restaurants in Warwick to choose from. These popular establishments don’t just serve great food, they deliver an immersive experience — sending you back to Italy in an instant. From the Guys Cliffe area in the north to Bridge End in the south, this thriving market town has a dazzling array of eateries to choose from.
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    Get the party started in style at Warwick’s liveliest Italian restaurants

    Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party for a loved one or hosting a work event for clients or colleagues, there are Italian restaurants in Warwick that have everything you need for a successful celebration. For a large, raucous party with friends, book a table at Micatto on Market Place, where there are lots of group dining areas and some impressive discounts. For a family-friendly party, it has to be Il Piccolinos on Smith Street, which has a children’s menu and a warm, friendly atmosphere. But if you’re planning something intimate and romantic, check out La Coppola on Regent Street, where the food of love is always served with a smile. Throughout Warwick, there are Italian restaurants that are ready to host your next party
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    Reserve tables at Italian restaurants throughout Warwick

    There just aren’t enough Italian restaurants in Warwick to meet the demand. This town attracts thousands of visitors every week, so space in the best eateries is often in short supply. If you’re planning a special dining experience, don’t leave things to chance — reserve your table using the Quandoo app. Not only can you compare local eateries, you can secure your table with the touch of a button.