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4 Greek Restaurants in West Midlands

Discover great Greek restaurants in the West Midlands

The heart of England is the perfect place to find delicious Greek food. Try one of the many Greek restaurants in the West Midlands for a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving your neighbourhood. Whether you’re based in one of the area’s biggest cities, or enjoying the natural beauty of its rural areas, you’ll never be far away from a delicious, authentic eatery specialised in the diverse flavours and fresh, local ingredients of Greece.

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Zendi Greek Restaurant

Zendi Greek Restaurant

The Olive Tree

Town Centre
The Olive Tree

Ulysses Greek Restaurant

City Centre
Ulysses Greek Restaurant
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The Village Taverna

The Village Taverna
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    Experience a culinary tradition that’s thousands of years old

    Ancient Greece is widely considered the cradle of Western civilization, thanks to its vast contribution to early sciences, arts and politics. Its culinary contribution is no less noteworthy, often influenced over the centuries by the various people the Athenians came into contact with as their continent-spanning empire grew. Greek restaurants in the West Midlands make use of the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to be found across the Mediterranean region, highlighting their natural flavours with local olive oil, complementing them with tender grilled meats and soft, briny cheese.
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    Explore the diversity of Greek restaurants in the West Midlands

    Are you planning a big night out with a large group of friends? Or perhaps you fancy a quick spot of lunch with coffee? There are plenty of Greek restaurants in the West Midlands to suit your needs, no matter what you’re looking for. Enjoy belly dancing and live music alongside a four course meal in Birmingham or book a lunch table for hot and cold meze (small plates) in Sutton Coldfield. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by the famously warm and lively hospitality that Greek restaurants in the West Midlands are known for.
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    Grilled and roasted dishes done right, meat optional

    The most famous dishes from Greece, gyros and souvlaki, include meat served with vegetables and flatbread. What makes them so special is the cooking method – meat is either vertically roasted on a spit or skewered before grilling for maximum flavour. Greek restaurants in the West Midlands often make use of the finest cuts of lamb and tender young chicken as the heart of a dish. However, if you prefer something vegetarian then we suggest you order grilled halloumi, slow-roasted aubergines or crispy falafel instead. Many Greek restaurants in the West Midlands offer hearty and flavourful meat free dishes that are just as traditional and authentic, so dig in!