Japanese Restaurant in West Midlands

Try sushi, ramen and katsu in West Midlands Japanese restaurants. The elegant minimalism of Japanese restaurants made an immediate impact on British diners. Many restaurant-goers were introduced to Japanese cuisine through chic sushi bars. These days there is a wide variety of Japanese restaurants in the West Midlands, ranging from formal fine-dining establishments to casual high street noodle bars. The refined combination of seaweed, raw fish or seafood, and seasoned rice gives a sense of the balance and subtlety of Japanese cuisine. Sushi is still popular but menus in modern Japanese restaurants offer dishes that are influenced by other Asian and European cuisines.

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    Discover noodle and curry dishes in the Japanese restaurants of the West Midlands

    After sushi, ramen was the next Japanese culinary phenomenon to conquer the world. It seems like a simple noodle soup, but the depth of flavour of the broth, flavoured with soy or miso, makes it a complex and satisfying dish, and an increasingly popular lunch choice. Katsu curries and delicate deep-fried tempura vegetables are other Japanese dishes that have been enthusiastically received in West Midlands restaurants. Use Quandoo's online reservations service to secure your table for lunch or dinner at Japanese restaurants.