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2 Italian Restaurants in City Centre, York

Discover Italian restaurants in York city centre

When it’s great food you’re looking for, one the Italian restaurants in York city centre have got you covered. They offer classic, hearty dishes, experimental fine dining and everything in between. Spend your day discovering the city’s historical charm, then cap off the experience with a delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for a cozy evening of pizza and red wine, or a multi-course menu from an award-winning chef, whatever you wish for is just a stone’s throw away at one of the Italian restaurants in York city centre.

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L'antica Locanda

City Centre
L'antica Locanda


City Centre
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    Explore a city with a history of good food

    Once one of Roman Britain’s most important cities, York’s place in history is clear to see as you wander its narrow medieval alleyways, explore its famous cathedral or follow the wall that still circles ancient town. The Vikings and Normans picked up where the Romans left off, bringing diverse international influence and leaving the city with a bustling, cosmopolitan vibe that’s showcased at its best in the city’s food scene. And of course there are many Italian restaurants in York city centre, serving a variety of food that celebrates Italy’s history as well as its contemporary cuisine.
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    Italian restaurants in York city centre have it all

    From gelato to risotto, lasagna to carbonara, the Italian restaurants in York city centre serve up every classic dish, along with a few you might never have tried before. Discover Sardinian-style seafood made with Whitby crab, or try artisanal Sicilian sweets at a traditional pasticceria. Savour a rack of local lamb grilled to perfection with Italian herbs, or indulge in a shot of imported limoncello. The many Italian restaurants in York city centre pride themselves on finding the perfect balance of regionally sourced ingredients and authentic Mediterranean flavours.
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    Finding the perfect setting for a night out

    What do you expect from a great meal out? A cozy, intimate gathering or a grand, unforgettable experience? Italian restaurants in York city centre offer every type of atmosphere for every type of budget. While the night away over red wine at a candlelit hole in the wall, or revel in the grandeur of a stately Georgian assembly room. Find a family-friendly eatery with a healthy kids menu, or search out carefully crafted cocktails with complex, subtle flavours. Whatever your taste in Italian restaurants, York city centre offers a spot to match your mood.