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Cuisine: Russian
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1 Restaurant in Glasgow: Russian

Why you'll love Glasgow's Russian restaurants

The food of Scotland and Russia has at least one thing in common: It’s designed to be hearty and satisfying and to warm you during cold weather. That's why Russian restaurants and Glasgow are such a good fit. There are lots of new flavours and dishes to try and for the adventurous, the variety and quality of vodkas is simply outstanding. The people of Russia are so friendly and welcoming and Russian restaurants in Glasgow have taken this to heart with their great reputation for hospitality. Fine, tasty food and a superb atmosphere are two of the best reasons to try out the cuisine of Russia next time you are dining in the city.

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City Centre
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    Typical dishes to try in Russian restaurants in Glasgow

    Some restaurants in Glasgow offer Russian dishes that may be new to you. But, it's always good to try something new, so some dishes you might find on the menus include pelmeni, pastry dumplings with a meat filling that can be served with sour cream, butter or in a tasty broth, as well as borscht, of course. Borscht is a favourite you'll find being served in almost all of the Russian restaurants in Glasgow and it's essentially a soup made from shredded beetroot, beef broth and meat. It's considered a classic in Russia.
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    Traditional favourites in Glasgow's Russian restaurants

    Blinis are another favourite to be found in Russian restaurants around Glasgow. They are small, round pancakes made from buckwheat and can be served with either sweet or savoury toppings. The Russians eat them at all times of the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have a sweet tooth, however, you might also like to try pierogi, sweet puff pastry pies served with sweet fruit fillings – a great way to finish a meal.
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    Rounding off a your meal in Russian restaurants in Glasgow

    Russia is of course famous for its vodka but it's not to everyone's taste. If you would prefer something a little sweeter to relax after your meal in Glasgow's Russian restaurants, why not try a medovukha? This is a drink made from fermented honey, much like mead in Britain. It's an ancient drink, once drunk only by Russia's nobles because of the cost. Now, however, everyone can enjoy it.