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Sample the tastes of the Orient at Manchester's Malaysian restaurants

It is perhaps no surprise that Malaysian restaurants thrive in Manchester as there is such a diverse Asian community in the city. You're probably already familiar with Chinese and Thai food, and perhaps you're a fan Japanese sushi, but Manchester's Malaysian restaurants, however, offer subtle and distinctive flavours that easily rival these great cuisines. Malaysian cuisine is really getting popular in the UK, especially after Ping Coombes won Masterchef in 2014. Taste these delicious dishes for yourself in one of the many Malaysian restaurants across Manchester.

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    Highlights from the menus of Malaysian restaurants in Manchester

    Roti canai is an extremely popular dish in Malaysia. It's a flatbread that is twirled and then grilled, and usually offered with curry and dhal. It is sometimes served in Manchester's Malaysian restaurants with an egg inside and is delicious both as a snack or starter. Nasi lemak is another favourite. It translates as 'fatty rice' and is cooked with coconut milk then served with anchovies, spicy sambal sauce and wrapped in banana leaves. Malaysia is also known for its satay dishes, skewers of meat grilled to perfection and often served with sambal or peanut sauce.
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    Try Malaysian seafood in Manchester restaurants

    Seafood is an important part of food from Malaysia and many Malaysian restaurants in Manchester will have at least a few fish dishes on the menu. A traditional favourite is asam pedas, a sour and spicy dish prepared with dried chillies, belacan, tamarind and shallots. The type of fish used is traditionally stingray or mackerel. A simple red or green curry with prawns is another popular choice, making the best from fresh seafood and rich eastern spices, while sea bass and scallops are other popular seafood ingredients.
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    Finish your visit to Manchester's Malaysian restaurants with a tempting pudding

    Malaysia can get very hot, and the locals have found the perfect way to cool down in the sun. A favourite way to cool off is with cendol, chewy jellies traditionally served with shaved ice and palm sugar. While it might not be hot that often in Manchester, many Malaysian restaurants offer the dish as a way to cool the palate after a spicy meal. Combining hot and cool, sweet, sour and spicy, the fine foods of Malaysia have something for every Mancunian taste.