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Burmese food has as long and storied a history as the country itself, and it reflects the influences that have been brought to bear on the South East Asian country over the years. Indian, Chinese, Thai and British tastes appear, and are applied to local tastes and cooked with local ingredients. Rangoon might be a long way from London, but at Mandalay Golden Myanmar on Edgware Road in Paddington – close to Edgware Road tube station – can have you thinking that you are.

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Mandalay Golden Myanmar
444 Edgware Road, Westminster
London W2 1EG

Menu Highlights



Special assorted fritters

Three different crispy fried fritters with vegetables and shrimps

Burmese tea salad

Fermented tea with crispy beans and lentils

Raw papaya and cucumber salad

Green papaya and cucumber mixed with fresh tamarind and chilli sauce

More about Mandalay Golden Myanmar, London

The road to Mandalay begins at the Mandalay Golden Myanmar on Edgware Road in Paddington, where the hungry and curious foodies of London can experience the many strands that come together to make Burmese cuisine. From the north and west come Indian influences, in the form of curries, Chinese cuisine has brought noodles and stir-fries from the east, and from the south come Thai fish sauce and the use of rice. The sheer diversity of culinary influences in that are apparent at Mandalay Golden Myanmar will have you in a Burmese daze.

When we talk about the Indian, Thai and Chinese contributions to Burmese cuisine, we are talking about the internal geography of Burma. The eastern and central parts of the country, around Mandalay – from which the Mandalay Golden Myanmar on Edgware Road takes its name – use more noodle dishes, and far more pork. Mawlamyine in the south is known as the heart of Burmese cooking, and they take in Thai influences and plenty of seafood, sandwiched as they are between the Thai border and the sea. In the north, the proximity of Bangladesh and India bring samosas, pakoras, curries and breads. Book a table now for a meal quite unlike any other restaurant in London.

27 Mandalay Golden Myanmar Reviews

27 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Value for money:Great value
Waiting time:Very good
Lori C.10 months ago · 1 review

Fantastic food! The Mandalay is truly a hidden jewel. Our table of seven ordered a variety of dishes, and every single item was simply wonderful.

David P.10 months ago · 1 review

Awesome food! Really enjoyed the flavours. Had the fitters to start and the lamb tamarind for main. Really reasonable in terms of price too. Can't wait to go back

Val M.10 months ago · 1 review

For the price the food can only be described as excellent. This was my return after 19 years - as a result of a sudden memory recall this week. I wanted to go back and see if things had changed and it was a pleasant surprise that it certainly had not. It is simple, unpretentious restaurant which focuses on the quality of their cooking and menu. However, I missed the attention of the male owners as it seems they do the evening shift and I was there for lunch. I will return next month, as long as I don't forget again!