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Star Meze & Grill

Kirkstall · Mediterranean · ££££
2 Reviews

About Star Meze & Grill

The best thing about Mediterranean cuisine is that it’s always fresh and you always feel fantastic after you’ve eaten it. It gets even better still when you make it Persian Mediterranean as that’s even more of a guarantee of booming flavour. The people of Leeds, and more specifically, Kirkstall, then, are lucky that Star Meze & Grill is right on their doorstep. Yep, this family-run restaurant is nestled on Burley Road and locals go wild for hot and cold meze as well as platters made up of both. It’s damn good stuff here. Probably some of the best in Kirkstall, in fact.


Star Meze & Grill
402 Burley Road, Kirkstall
Leeds LS4 2SN

Opening Times

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Chef's Choice


Small Plates

Tzatziki (Maasto khiyar)

Greek yoghurt mixed with cucumber and garlic

Persian Aromatic Green Herb Stew (Ghormeh Sabzi)

Lamb, kidney beans and finely chopped fresh parsley, coriander, fenugreek, leek, spinach and onion, slow cooked with whole dried limes

Kashke Baademjaan

Mashed roasted aubergine with caramelised onion, sauteed garlic, fried mint, curd and walnuts. Served with freshly baked naan


Persian Split Chickpea Stew (Gheimeh)

Split chickpeas, onion and tomatoes, slow cooked in saffron, turmeric and whole dried lime. Topped with fries and served with saffron rice

Barberry Rice with Chicken (Zereshk Polo Morgh)

Quarter chicken served with aromatic saffron basmati rice mixed with barberries. Gravy on the side

Lamb Shank (Baaghaali Maahicheh)

Succulent lamb shank served with fragrant dill-infused basmati rice and broad beans



Two skewers of seasoned minced lamb, onions and herbs

Spicy Joojeh

One skewer of chicken fillet marinated in a spicy mixed herb and ginger marinade

King Prawn

One skewer of saffron-coated king prawns, onion and peppers, served with a sweet chilli dip

2 Star Meze & Grill Reviews

Katherine W.4 months ago · 1 review

Very friendly staff, good value for money and very easy food! Managed to get street parking right outside of the restaurant. The menu was incorrect but the waitress apologised and rectified this on ordering, afterwards they gave us complimentary rose tea and coconut bites to apologise for the incorrect menu and also because it was our first experience of Persian food and they wanted it to be a positive one.

Diane D.5 months ago · 1 review

The food was lovely and there was plenty of choice. The staff were friendly and helpful. We visited at a quiet time but the surroundings were pleasant. Would definitely go again next time we visit Headingley.

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