Dine out in West Midlands

Satisfy your foodie cravings in these excellent West Midlands restaurants

If you you're a bit of a foodie then you're going to love West Midlands restaurants. You may be familiar with the unbeatable curries of Birmingham's 'Balti Triangle' but the sheer variety of restaurants in the West Midlands might just surprise you. There are some achingly stylish urban eateries for sure but also a number of traditional inns hidden away in small towns and villages. A sprinkling of Michelin stars lights up the local dining scene, while comfortable, casual cafes are perfect for that relaxing meal. Check out our selection of the best West Midlands restaurants and book the perfect match for your mood.

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    You've got to try the curry restaurants of West Midlands

    There are many areas that lay claim to making the best curries in Britain but few can come close to the reputation of the curry restaurants of West Midlands. Birmingham is recognised as being the birthplace of the balti and this spicy local favourite has become synonymous with the city. You can certainly visit the 'Balti Triangle', or 'Curry Mile' in the south of Birmingham but there are lots of other Indian restaurants across the West Midlands where you can enjoy food that is every bit as good.
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    Check out the huge range of international restaurants in West Midlands

    There are undoubtedly some excellent Indian restaurants in West Midlands but don't forget the many other cuisines on offer. Look out for some fine French and Italian eateries and top-notch British restaurants. You'll also find all the popular Asian cuisines, while Latin American and US diners offer up treats from across the Atlantic. There are mouth-watering mezzes from the Middle East and delicate sushi from Japan, along with superb steakhouses and top-class seafood restaurants.
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    Get starry-eyed in the fine dining restaurants of the West Midlands

    There has been a recent upsurge of interest in the dining scene of the West Midlands and restaurants in the region are beginning to attract the attention of the men and women from Michelin. Those coveted stars are sure to follow and locals all have their own opinions on which West Midlands restaurants are most deserving of recognition. Check out the fine dining restaurants of the West Midlands here on Quandoo and book your table before these gems are discovered.