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What will you find in Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham?

Portuguese cuisine is famed for its delicious seafood dishes as well as for also being heavily influenced by the Mediterranean. Its proximity to the Atlantic means that its many kinds of fresh seafood dishes stand as its greatest export, meaning you can indulge in this cuisine all over the world, including Birmingham. With Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham you can take advantage of this healthy and natural food source, brimming with flavour from the spices and fresh ingredients used that are synonymous with the Mediterranean diet.

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Pepe's Piri Piri - Star City

Pepe's Piri Piri - Star City
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    Enjoy a traditional meal with Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham

    The eating culture of Portugal is steeped in tradition and dinner is still very much a family orientated gathering designed to mix eating with the pleasure of familiar company. A staple of the menus found in Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham is Portuguese stew, which is a loaded plate consisting of many kinds of meat as well as carb-heavy vegetables like potatoes and carrots, perfect for filling the void or on a cold winter’s evening. If you are looking for something a little lighter, caldo verde is a traditional soup that is still dense enough to provide substance and you'll find it packed with onions, potatoes, kale and garlic.
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    Improve your diet and enjoy the sweeter side of life

    For those looking to get some of those much-needed seafood nutrients into their diet, arroz de tamboril is a good place to start. Consisting of monkfish stewed with garlic and tomato, it is a staple of Portuguese cuisine that is not to be missed. With Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham you get to enjoy this and many other kinds of dishes that will delight your tastebuds and fire your culinary imagination. For those looking for something to top their meal off, sampling a pastel de nata (egg custard tart) is imperative, and seeing as though it's a dessert that you will find in almost all Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham, you'll be in for a treat no matter where you dine. The perfect end to a perfect meal in Birmingham.
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    Make the most of your evening at a Portuguese restaurant in Birmingham with Quandoo

    Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham come in all shapes and sizes. Quandoo helps you to sort the good from the excellent, while also giving you access to special offers to help you make a good deal even better. You can rest assured you are making the right choice when selecting a Portuguese restaurant in Birmingham thanks to customer reviews and easy to understand rankings.