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Cuisine: South African
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4 Restaurants in Edinburgh: South African

Try the unique flavours of Edinburgh's South African restaurants

If you are looking for something a little different, why not try one of the South African restaurants in Edinburgh? South Africa is such a beautiful and dramatic country and its food is similarly full of contrasts. It also complements the city perfectly. It has the heat to warm you up on a cold day in the capital and also tropical flavours to help you enjoy the sunshine. South African restaurants in Edinburgh are fairly new and the dishes may not be familiar to you, so let's have a look at some of the wonderful foods you could soon be sampling.

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Shebeen - Morrison St

South African££££
Shebeen - Morrison St

Shebeen - Morrison Street

West End
South African££££
Shebeen - Morrison Street

Shebeen - Dalkeith

Town Centre
South African££££
Shebeen - Dalkeith
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South African
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    Popular dishes in South African restaurants in Edinburgh

    Perhaps the best known food to be found in Edinburgh's South African restaurants is Biltong. This is a kind of cured, air-dried meat, similar to beef jerky. It is made with beef, game or even ostrich and can be served as a snack or starter. Bobotie, meanwhile, is considered by many to be the national dish of South Africa. It is prepared with spiced and minced lamb or beef, dried fruit and an egg topping. It's a little like moussaka but spicier. Sosaties is another common dish. These are skewers of meat, marinated and cooked over an open fire, much like kebabs.
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    Enjoy the heat of South African cooking in Edinburgh restaurants

    One of the things you are sure to find in all South African restaurants in Edinburgh is chakalaka, a spicy relish made from tomatoes, onions, beans, chillies and hot curry powder. It packs quite a punch and is served with almost every meal in South Africa. Boerewors is another spicy classic consisting as a ring of sausage, usually lamb or pork, that's made with a host of spices. It is traditionally grilled over coals and makes for a tasty and hearty meal.
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    Finish with a traditional pudding in Edinburgh's South African restaurants

    As you can see, South African restaurants in Edinburgh serve a wide variety of meat dishes. They do, however, offer something for the sweet tooth. Vetkoek is the traditional pastry of South Africa. These are deep-fried balls of tasty dough that are served with jam, honey or syrup. They are a lovely way to round off your meal if you can find a little space for dessert after all of these hearty dishes.