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Find your new favourite food at the Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh

Vietnamese cuisine is beloved for its fresh flavours, healthy dishes and usage of fresh herbs like mint, cilantro, basil, lemongrass and parsley. Although the cuisine features a number of similarities with Chinese due to a historical relationship between the countries, the cuisine of Vietnam is different not only due to its geographical location, but also its colonial history. Once a colony of France, Vietnamese food has taken on influences of French cooking that have remained until this day, including tasty banh mi, which are French-style baguettes packed full of delicious Vietnamese ingredients including minced pork meatballs, fried egg, pork floss, sardines and grilled chicken, plus seitan, tofu and cooked vegetables for vegetarians. At Edinburgh’s Vietnamese restaurants, you can choose from a wide range of options including banh mi, curries, noodle dishes and everything else in between. Since Scotland's capital boasts a large Vietnamese community, you can count on finding an Edinburgh Vietnamese restaurant that’s perfect for you.

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    The French influence on Vietnamese cooking

    France and Vietnam go way, way back. Beginning with the Jesuit missionary Alexandre de Rhodes, the first French person to ever set foot in France in 1620, the relationship between the two countries has been anything but smooth. Soon after Rhodes made his way to Vietnam, other French Catholics followed suit and aimed to turn the Vietnamese into devout followers of Christianity. Before long, it became much more than a Christian mission – through force and brutality, the French conquered Vietnam over decades of war and violence, eventually establishing French Indochina which lasted from 1887 to 1954. The French brought more than religion and an entirely new way of governing, they also brought food. Today, the influences of French cooking on the local population is apparent in an array of dishes, from the aforementioned French-Vietnamese fusion banh mi to more modern interpretations at fusion restaurants. In the Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh, you’ll find an array of French-inspired dishes and even drinks (coffee, for example, was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the 1800s).
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    Vegetarian food in the Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh

    Many of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh offer an array of vegetarian dishes for guests who don’t eat meat. Although some Vietnamese dishes are made with the addition of fish sauce, most Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh either have a menu of fully vegetarian options, or they can make their dishes without fish sauce upon request. Vegetarian summer rolls are a fresh way to begin a meal at the Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh, and their unique texture and flavour profile are delicious for both meat lovers and vegheads alike. Another popular dish is lemongrass tofu, which features an amazing, meaty texture and a burst of amazing flavours in every bite. Some Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh also offer dishes made with seitan, a fake meat made with wheat gluten. There’s plenty more where that came from – Edinburgh’s Vietnamese restaurants are full of culinary surprises.
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    Finding the perfect Edinburgh Vietnamese restaurant is a piece of cake when using Quandoo. Simply search by cuisine type, neighbourhood or price range, then book a table at your favourite restaurant with ease. No need to make annoying phone calls or send an email, just book using your computer or smart phone and snag a table instantly. Leave a review and let your voice be heard, and earn loyalty points along the way that you can trade in for cash. The best Vietnamese restaurants in Edinburgh are awaiting your visit!