2 Restaurants in London: Enoteca

Sample fine wines and dine in style at an enoteca in London

If you aren't familiar with the term, an 'enoteca' is an Italian wine salon - the kind of place Milanese and Roman connoisseurs go to try the year's finest vintages and swap their impressions. As such, they aren't just places to drink: they are social spaces where wine fans meet and share their passion (as well as great places to eat). If you love wine or just want a classy evening venue, London's enoteca selection will be ideal, and you can easily book them via Quandoo.

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Locale Southbank

Locale Southbank

The Italian Job - Notting Hill

Notting Hill
The Italian Job - Notting Hill
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    London has some great enoteca options for get-togethers

    What can you expect when you head to an enoteca in London? Well, the most obvious attraction will be the incredibly detailed, meticulously chosen wine list. The whole idea behind enotecas is to show London's wine lovers the year's hottest wines, as well as classics from their collections. So brush up on your Italian wine varieties (and expect bottles from all over the world), and prepare for a viticultural feast.
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    Where can you find a high-class enoteca in London?

    London's finest enoteca restaurants tend to be in the capital's upmarket areas. They have sprung up near the communities they serve - cosmopolitan, wealthy and crazy about wine. So, expect to find great enoteca options in London neighbourhoods like Mayfair, Notting Hill and Kensington. If you are going to a play in the West End or a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, these wine salons are the perfect place to relax and savour some fine wine both before or after the performance.
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    Dine out at a fabulous enoteca in London

    Enotecas aren't simply places to drink. They also offer sophisticated food menus that are full of the finest Italian and world cuisine. Unsurprisingly, everything on the menu will be matched with a wine suggestion or two, helping diners to experience a stunning combination of tastes. The combinations are seductive. Imagine ordering northern Italian meat platters with Parma ham, speck, mortadella and bresaola, along with spit roasted pork and cantucci biscuits - all of it accompanied by a specific wine for every course. That's the kind of service you can expect whenever you dine at an enoteca in London, and there's no better place to enjoy Italian cuisine.