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Birmingham enjoys a rich heritage of cross-cultural cuisine dating back decades, so it's little wonder that Persian restaurants have found a home for themselves in England's second city. In Birmingham, Persian restaurants are on the rise, leaving you plenty to choose from when you're looking to try something a little different. Persian food refers to the cuisine of Iran, itself a melting pot of cultures that have influenced an incredibly diverse range of dishes. This mouth-watering cuisine is built on staples of rice, fresh vegetables, fruit and bread, but it's the innovative variety of spices and seasonings that take this style of cooking into the stratosphere.

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Devran Restaurant

Devran Restaurant

Noa Restaurant

Noa Restaurant

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British Kebab Awards
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    Dive into a delicious range of dishes at Birmingham Persian restaurants

    Once you've decided on your pick of Persian restaurants in Birmingham, it's time to enjoy the very best that Iranian cooking has to offer. This is a cuisine with an amazing variety, with an incredible selection of kebabs, stews, soups and rice dishes to choose from. Chelow kebab, a kebab favourite served up with chelow white rice, is particularly popular and is often considered the national dish of Iran. When it comes to starters, soups are often the flavour of the day, with mushroom and barley varieties a regular fixture on the menus of Persian restaurants in Birmingham.
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    Persian restaurants in Birmingham for every occasion

    From the brilliance of Broad Street to the meandering streets of Digbeth, Persian restaurants aren't hard to come by in Birmingham. This sprawling city is host to a multitude of options, ensuring you'll always find the ideal eatery to celebrate any occasion. Planning a proposal or looking to toast to an anniversary? Enjoy a grownup ambience at more refined Persian restaurants, or opt for the laid back atmosphere of buffet restaurants and more relaxed eateries in Birmingham.
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    Save on disappointment and book a table today

    Whatever tickles your taste buds, it's easy to book tables at Persian restaurants in Birmingham. With Quandoo, you can browse through the very best of them, read reviews from previous diners and make your choice with plenty of input. Don't forget to leave your own ratings of previous places you've eaten to help other foodies, before making a reservation online up to two hours before you sit down to dine.