3 Restaurants in London: South African

Where to find South African restaurants in London

The second-largest group of South African expatriates in the world call London home, with a big community down by Canary Wharf. This number is growing and, accordingly, so are the number of African and specifically South African restaurants in London. Good spots if you’re looking for a South African restaurant in London are also to be found in Greenwich and Camden Town. Equally, your search for South African restaurants in London might benefit from acknowledging that South African cuisine is known for its multicultural aspect. More on the ‘rainbow cuisine’ of South Africa below.

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Harlequin Restaurant

South African££££
Harlequin Restaurant

Afab Star

South African
Afab Star

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

South African
Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
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    Eating ‘rainbow cuisine’ in a South African restaurant in London

    South African cuisine is often referred to as ‘rainbow cuisine’ because it blends indigenous African cuisines with those of the former colonial powers – Dutch, German, French, Italian, Greek and British, as well as the cuisines these peoples’ slaves and servants brought to South Africa from Indo-Asia. Expect a lot of ‘braai’ – barbecue – in South African restaurants in London, while the spiced ‘Cape Dutch’ cuisine and Indian curries are also common. If you’re lucky you might find a mug of traditionally cloudy, unfiltered beer in a London South African restaurant. Type South African into Quandoo and explore the Cape’s cuisine.