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Sri Lankan Restaurants in London

London residents have access to cuisines from all corners of the earth, regardless of how large the country of origin might be. Foodies who are in the know understand that Sri Lankan food is a cuisine that should be celebrated, and the popularity of Sri Lankan cuisine has skyrocketed in the last years. Sri Lankan restaurants in London are authentic and full of great dishes that can’t be found just anywhere. Even just near Buckingham Palace, you can find Sri Lankan restaurants in Victoria and Westminster. In Harrow and North Wembley, you’ll find a number of great eateries, some of which amount to the best Sri Lankan restaurants in London. There are even Sri Lankan bakeries throughout the city, where you’ll find amazing homemade breads and sweets, authentically made and delicious.

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    Sri Lankan Restaurants in London: Book online!

    If you love a good curry but haven’t tried Sri Lankan cuisine yet, then you better get on board! Although it contains many similarities to Indian cuisine (especially from the Kerala region), Sri Lankan cuisine still has many dishes of their very own. One dish, called kottu, is especially popular. Made of roti bread shredded into small pieces and cooked with vegetables, eggs, and sometimes meat, it’s flavourful and unique. At one of the many Sri Lankan restaurants in London, you’ll be sure to find this tasty dish amongst many others. Not sure which restaurant is right for you? Head on over to Quandoo’s website and browse using the online search platform. Use the filters to narrow down your options, then book your table online in less than a few minutes.