2 Restaurants in London: Venezuelan

Take a trip to Latin America at London's best Venezuelan restaurants

In the past twenty years, London's Latin American population has increased dramatically, with communities from Brazil, Ecuador and now Venezuela all bringing their brilliant cultures to the capital. The city's diners have been major beneficiaries, with lots of Latin American eateries opening up across London. Venezuelan restaurants are starting to make their mark as a result, bringing the country's unique blend of indigenous American and European cuisine with them. If you want to try something new that’s still somewhat familiar, Venezuelan restaurants in London are a great place to book.

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Mi Cocina es Tuya

Crystal Palace
Mi Cocina es Tuya

Arepa & Co

Arepa & Co
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    Meat lovers will adore Venezuelan restaurants in London

    The food of Venezuela is not only distinctive but extremely tasty, and British diners will thoroughly enjoy selecting from the menus in London's Venezuelan restaurants. A great example of the cuisine are the range of meat dishes on offer... There's pernil (a way of cooking pork shoulder with tomatoes and avocado), and there's also Pabellon Criollo - Venezuela's national dish. This meal features shredded and seasoned beef served with black beans, rice and fried plantains, and it's simply delicious. Similar to Cuban or Puerto Rican dishes, Pabellon has a Venezuelan twist, and London's restaurants know how to cook it exactly as chefs would in Caracas.
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    Discover new vegetarian and seafood meals at London's vegetarian restaurants

    However, London's Venezuelan restaurants won't disappoint seafood lovers or vegetarians either. You'll find vegetarian versions of Pabellon with salads taking over from shredded beef, and you'll also find arepas. These unusual melted cheese pastries can be found across Latin America, but Venezuela has its own take on how to make them, featuring a sweet mango sauce poured over the top. It's a wonderful blend of savoury and sweetness that is the perfect start to feasts at Venezuelan restaurants in London.
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    Finish off your meal with sumptuous desserts

    You can't discuss Venezuela's cuisine without touching on dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, London's Venezuelan restaurants have cakes and pastries that are unlike anything you've ever tasted. For example, you can round off your meal with a plate of tequenos (pastries stuffed with chocolate sauce) or try some Bienmesabe (a meringue-like mixture of almonds, honey and egg yolk). Add in a fine wine or a bottle of Cerveza Zulia, and you've got a recipe for a superb night out. All you have to do is book a table at a Venezuelan restaurant in London on Quandoo, and then get eating!