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Greedy Cow

Mile End · American, Burger
379 Reviews

About Greedy Cow

Stop press, newsflash: the end of the burger as we know it has occurred down London’s Mile End. At Greedy Cow Burgers & Steaks, along Grove Road and close to the Mile End and Bow Road stations, you can sample twists on the classic stacks that take in as exotic a patty as one can imagine. Try, for instance, camel or kangaroo meat. If that’s not really your thing, fear not, this restaurant is chock-full of great options for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike, with just as many vegetarian options as there are burgers and steaks.
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Greedy Cow
2 Grove Road, Mile End
London E3 5AX

Menu Highlights



Chorizo Salad

Pan fried chorizo and cherry tomatoes on a bed of rocket leaves with a balsamic dressing

Fish Cakes

Homemade haddock and spring onion fish cakes with sour cream

King Prawns

Butterflied prawns in a crispy breadcrumbs coating served with a sweet chilli dip


Corn Fed Chicken - Free Range

Pan fried, free range, corn fed, chicken wrapped in prosciutto with rice and paprika cream sauce

Aged Sirloin

21 day aged sirloin to naturally tenderise the meat and enhance the flavour. With a mixed leaf salad

Ribeye Steak

Rich in flavour and extremely tender due to a high level of marbling in the meat. Served with salad


Creme Brulee

Vanilla infused creme brulee

Cheese Cake

Vanilla Pod Cheese Cake served with seasonal berry fruit coulis

Chocolate Fondant

Signature Dessert! Light chocolate sponge with a rich liquid chocolate centre
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More about Greedy Cow, London

If you’re a person who loves collecting experiences, an adventure awaits at Mile End’s premier (and most unusual) burger joint, Greedy Cow. At this Grove Road culinary safari, you can indulge in kangaroo, bison, and crocodile in the well-known format of the burger patty. For the less adventurous, or those who are creatures of habit, there are many other great options available that stick closer to the comfort zone when it comes to burgers. Best of all, Greedy Cow sources all of its beef from Herefordshire, England, ensuring only the best quality burgers, which are quick becoming famous in London.

If you’ve emboldened yourself and taken that ride to Mile End’s Grove Road, you may as well plump for something exotic. The wild boar burger, for example, might sound like tough patty to crack, but Greedy Cow takes special care to provide only the best, most tender cuts no matter the animal. Guests can customise their burgers with ingredients like buffalo mozzarella and guacamole, allowing them to create unique creations of their own. There are many vegetarian options available as well, including a vegan burger for those stricter fans of te classic stack. No matter what you decide to order, London’s Greedy Cow is sure to deliver an eating experience with a difference.

379 Greedy Cow Reviews

379 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Value for money:Good value
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Terina B.9 days ago · 2 reviews

Booking on line was so easy. Food was fab and didnt wait long for it. Staff friendly and gave excellent service . Atmosphere good. Highly recomend .

Klaudia K.12 days ago · 3 reviews

Delicious food and great atmosphere. The Greedy Cow accommodated all on our visit with a range of delicious, high-quality food on the menu. Awesome atmosphere and unbeatable service, every request was attended to with a personal touch. Would definitely revisit and recommend to all.

Evangelos N.13 days ago · 1 review

Very nice food! We had the ribeye & sirloin steaks. The wine sauce was really nice. The chocolate fondant, their 'signature desert' was amazing indeed. Totally recommended !

Susan P.23 days ago · 1 review

Great cocktails, a great menu and a fantastic welcome. The burgers were excellent, well-presented and delicious. The biggest and best onion rings I've ever had. The service was excellent. What more can I say?!

Mark M.2 years ago · 1 review

I have been here plenty of times and loved it each time but on this occasion the expierence has put me off returning. I booked a table for 1400 on a Sunday for myself,my pregnant wife and son.As soon as we walked in the problems began. After we informed the gentleman we had a reservation he said "Follow me"....and didn't move,just stood there!!.He then pointed at a table across the room.When we went over we sat down on freezing cold hard chairs and asked to be moved upstairs as there was no seats available around us.The staff seemed very reluctant to do this coming out with excuses such as,we would have to wait 15 mins to put the heating on.It was 2 o'clock on a Sunday,surely the heating should have been on by now.After informing them that will be fine as my pregnant wife needed a comfortable chair they acted annoyed and finally moved us to the table behind that had become available and had a more comfortable bench for the wife and kid but still a cold,hard wooden one for me. When we sat down I kept my jacket on as I was freezing though my wife and son took their's off.However,after just a few minutes they put them back on in full view of the staff,but nothing was done or mentioned to us.As it was a terrible day outside the front door kept blowing open and the staff did nothing.If I wanted that expierence I would have bought a sandwich and sat in the park across the road for a fraction of the price. Before this however the waiter was over asking us if we were ready to order.Informing him that we had just this minute sat down he quite rudely told me that he was going to tell me the specials.This is when I knew they would be rushing us and was asked by my wife to bite my tongue and not to say anything. For starters I got the chicken wings.These things tasted like the bottom of a BBQ they were burnt that much.Wish I had stuck with my usual starter of ribs.My wife and son shared the specials starter of wild mushrooms on sour dough toast and really enjoyed them,HOWEVER,what she didn't enjoy was the waiter asking her if she liked it and when she told him she hadn't even had a chance to try it yet he stood over her until she tried it despite me asking him to move away.Nor did she enjoy the waiter opening up her hand wipe and giving it to her when she was half way through!!!.By this point we knew they were rushing us and my blood was starting to boil.That wasn't helped when, before we were finished our starters,our mains appeared!!! When informed we weren't finished they were taken back to the kitchen. Almost immediately after the starters were finished the mains arrived at our table having being lying out for 5 mins or so.Not a good start.The wee fella got a Burger and chips.The wife got the special of Lobster with garlic butter and chips.I know Lobster is expensive but to pay £20 for this was criminal.More than half of the board/plate was salad,there was exactly EIGHT chips(but they were stacked fancy so that's ok) and as for the took her less than a minute to scrape all the meat out and when she did I was sure there must be more but she showed me and sure enough there wasn't.£20 ???? for the taste,well,dry and nothing special.It says a lot when you have a meal of Lobster and the good thing she says about it is that the salad is really nice!!! I got the Cote de Bouff.Was looking forward to it as the previous steaks I had here were the best steaks I have ever had.This one was the worst due to the fact I paid £27 for it.Again,it had been lying for a good 5 mins before been brought to me and was lukewarm and looked kinda dry.The wife again asked me not to say anything as the staff didn't seem the type to respond in a responsible way so there was no point.This £27 steak was chewy beyond belief and cutting it with my knife was a chore in its self.Honestly,the steak that I had at the LEGOLAND buffet 2 weeks before was better than this,and that wasn't great.Chips were good though. Would also like to point out that throughout the meal staff would come up to the table and wipe it clean while we were still eating.When I told them to leave it as we were still eating I was point blank ignored.The doors also kept blowing open,sending a cold wind into the restaurant and still the staff done nothing.I also don't like it in a restaurant where i'm paying good money for a meal that after 5 mins of sitting with an empty glass,i have to go up to the bar myself.Even then,the waiter didn't tell me to sit down and he'll bring it over but I had to wait while he finished sending an order through and poured me it himself. I declined a dessert as I was that pissed off although the wife got Banoffe pie and the wee man got ice cream.Both went down well although that's probably because they were bought in.Once we were finished we sat to finish our drinks with the staff constantly asking us if we were done.Another example of rushing us despite paying £90 for utter garbage.What I found curious was he was completely different to the women sat behind us who were also finished and just drinking.He was very nice,chatty and joking with them.Maybe just a coincidence. The final insult came when we were walking out.The waiter opened the door looked right at us and said......nothing!!! No..Thank you,hope you enjoyed your meal,please come again,just nothing.One of the things I always praise about this place to people is the quality and professionalism of the staff.Usually you are made to feel welcome and treated like you should for choosing to spend money in their establishment. I only hope this was a one off as this wasn't the usual staff.At this point I wont be back as i'm so pissed off at this it has ruined all the other great meals I've had there.I'm always recommending this place to people and must have sent them a bit of business in the past but no more. I HATE the fact that I paid £90 for a meal that,apart from the chips,salad and bought in dessert,the food was terrible,the value was terrible,TERRIBLE service and staff and we had to sit throughout the meal cold and with our jackets on.Only reason I give it a one on this occasion is because I cant give it a zero

Dennis O.a month ago · 1 review

Fresh,Tasty and BANG tidy!!!! Greedy Cow is one of my favourite locations ,for good,honest,fresh food. Competent Chefs with quality produce, equals exceptionally great meals, packed with flavour and love. Cocktails are spot on. The ambience within Greedy Cow is informal and relaxed.It's the ideal place to come and spend a few hours, alone or with a partner.

James N.a year ago · 1 review

The Greedy Cow is a real find - the atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is friendly and welcomed us back for our second visit, even remembering our names. The food is excellent - some of the best I've had, and the presentation perfect. I'd recommend the Greedy Cow to anyone!

Bobby W.2 years ago · 1 review

Absolutely Fabulous! My sister and I took mom to the Greedy Cow for a late Mother's Day lunch; the food was deliciously scrumptious, the service was phenomenal and the branding of this little gem of a restaurant is top quality. We will definitely be back. Thanks Greedy Cow. Bobby

Dean K.a year ago · 1 review

Fantastic food and great Service. Popped in here before trip to Old Vic theatre (not nearby) and had an outstanding experience. After a selection of Starters including Burata, Wings and prawns we happily devoured Burgers, Steak and fish all of which were outstanding. The Onion rings are to die for and the service is impeccable. Very popular and glad we booked as there were a constant stream of people coming in for the relatively few spare tables. I would also guess that the cocktails are equally impressive!! Heartily recomend although not dog friendly which is a shame as they do breakfast which I would return for happily and outside is not an option given its on a busy road - perhaps you could reconsider this rule for brekkie!! But this does not detract from us having a wonderful meal in a great atmosphere and we will return.

Jenny L.2 years ago · 11 reviews

As always, we had a great meal at The Greedy Cow. Superb food and excellent service, we also took the opportunity to enjoy a couple of cocktails outside as the weather was ideal. The more we visit, the more we realise how lucky we are to have this fab restaurant to dine at. This visit there was a lively party downstairs, so we ate upstairs, but that didn't detract from our experience.

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