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Red Oven

Bearwood · Indian · ££££
2 Reviews

About Red Oven

For a region brimming with curry and balti houses, claiming a first when it comes to Asian subcontinental cuisine in Birmingham is a bold move. But for the locality of Bearwood, Red Oven can rightly take its place as the restaurant that introduced Punjabi cuisine to eager local diners. Balancing memorable tastes and textures with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and healthful dishes, Red Oven is a Punjabi cultural and culinary experience that sees its premises down Bearwood Road packed out at peak times. So don’t forget to book.


Red Oven
607A Bearwood Road, Bearwood
Smethwick B66 4BJ

Opening Times

Closed today

Chef's Choice



Chicken Tikka

Golden glaze morsels of chicken breast steeped in a marinate of spiced yoghurt.

Vegetarian Feast

A selection of paneer tikka, shammi kebab, haryli soya tikka and onion bhaji

Meat Feast

A selection of tandoori chicken, lamb chops, haryli chicken tikka and seekh kebab


Phaldari Kofta

A blend of mince vegetables, potatoes, and spice dumplings filled with dried fruits and sultanas.

Tandoori Chicken

Spring chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt, lightly blended with herbs and spices.

Spicey South Indian Chicken

Succulent morsels of chicken breast with a generous amount of onions and fresh coriander.

Further Information

Punjabi cuisine straddles the culinary traditions of northern India and Pakistan, with an emphasis on dishes prepared in the tandoori oven. This mainstay of Punjabi culinary practice is where Bearwood’s Red Oven gets its name and it’s here that diners are treated to an experience that is about Punjabi culture in general as much as it is about fine Punjabi cuisine. Seated in a restaurant down Bearwood Road with a renowned ambience, Red Oven’s staff are happy to provide diners with insights into the traditions of the Punjab, a proud initiative that enriches your enjoyment of the feast before you. Of course, the focus is the food, and Red Oven have gone to great lengths to recruit Punjabi chefs who are experts in their field. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst Birmingham’s notoriously discerning aficionados of Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Red Oven’s head chef Raj has marshalled a team of experienced Punjabi chefs that are committed to providing Bearwood locals and Birmingham visitors with unforgettable and healthy examples of this northern Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Red Oven eschews the use of ghee, and keeps its use of oil to a minimum, focusing instead on delicately balanced spice blends and the freshest ingredients to bring a superlative Punjabi culinary experience to table. Red Oven’s tandoori mains are fantastic – a restaurant specialty – and not to be passed over. Dining in at Red Oven means you get to take in the authentic Punjabi art that lines the walls of this stylishly-appointed restaurant while you eat. But Red Oven goes to great lengths to take their Punjabi cuisine to the masses, delivering within three miles of their Bearwood Road premises, meaning residents of Harborne, Edgbaston, Quinton, Smethwick and beyond can enjoy Red Oven’s delicacies at home.

2 Red Oven Reviews

gary b.2 years ago · 1 review

Most enjoyable evening, friends never been before & very impressed. Food very good, nice variety too choose from & setting very pleasant. Will go again

Usha R.2 years ago · 1 review

Excellent food! Credit to the chef. Great ambiance! Staff are very welcoming.

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