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The Mint Room – Clifton

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374 Reviews

About The Mint Room – Clifton

Shaking up Bristol’s Indian dining scene with something a little bit different, The Mint Room is one of the city's most acclaimed restaurants, offering gourmet takes on Indian cuisine. For times when a takeaway just won’t cut it, head to this stylish restaurant for Indian dining with some serious flair, boasting a range of exciting modern dishes alongside all of the the time-honoured classics. You’ll find this prestigious Indian eatery located on Clifton Road over in Clifton.

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 1:00 pm
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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The Mint Room – Clifton
12-16 Clifton Rd, Clifton
Bristol BS8 1AF

Chef's Choice



Scallops 3 ways

Tawa grilled scallops, with creamy kaffir lime and green chilli tomato chutney, served with and potato crackers.

Kalonji Jhinga

Tandoori grilled freshwater king prawns marinated with ginger, yoghurt and spiced tossed nigella seeds served with honey mustard.

Peshawari champen

Free range lamb chops marinated with raw papaya, fennel, ginger and star anise with mint and coriander sauce.


Balchao Lobster

Fresh grilled lobster marinated in Goan spices cooked with red chilli, onion tomato served with seafood salad

Saag Ghost

Lamb cooked with fresh spinach puree spiced with cumin garlic and dry fenugreek with caramelized onion, tomato, ginger and green chillies.

Murgh Lababdar

Free range chicken breast marinated with red chilli and turmeric served with fresh ginger, green chillies, fresh coriander bell pepper sauce.


Chai Panna Cotta

Masala chai flavoured panna cotta with raspberry sorbet

Tandoori Ananas

Grilled honey glazed pineapple, chat masala with fennel and ginger ice cream


Blood orange, coconut and basil, raspberry
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More about The Mint Room – Clifton, Bristol

After running an award-winning restaurant in Bath, The Mint Room have now branched out into Bristol much to the delight of the city’s aficionados of Indian cuisine, with a branch in the Clifton area. Appealing to both gourmands and curry enthusiasts alike, this high-end Indian eatery on Clifton Road offers traditional dishes with a fine dining twist. Start with meal off with some tawar scallops (plancha-seared scallops with a lime and chilli sauce) or some tandoori quail served with alongside a fried quail egg with apple and vanilla puree.

As well as all of the classic curries, The Mint Room’s main course menu is full of inventive modern dishes and gourmet takes on traditional Indian cuisine. We recommend the paneer parcel (cottage cheese and seasonal vegetables flavoured with curry leaf, black mustard and turmeric in a puff pastry on a bed of spinach, broccoli, sambar sauce and tomato chutney) or the tawa seabream served with bombay potatoes. Make a reservation at The Mint Room for a special dining experience in Bristol, but be sure to book in advance as this Clifton hotspot fills up quickly!

374 The Mint Room – Clifton Reviews

Jennifer E.a month ago · 2 reviews

Beautiful food and excellent service again for our second visit. The Mint Room does not disappoint. We will definitely be returning for more of the same!

Julie H.a month ago · 1 review

Staff were lovely; attentive, friendly and polite. The food was delicious; flavourful and very well presented. The restaurant was well laid out and allowed for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

jacolyn f.2 months ago · 1 review

We had the tasting menu which was very good, vegetarian tasting menu just as good too, would recommend. Good service and nice ambience we will certainly be returning

Giselle H.2 months ago · 2 reviews

We hadn’t been before and we weren’t disappointed. The food, service and ambience were sublime. We had the Taster menu - highly recommend! We will definitely go back.

Mina E.2 years ago · 1 review

This is Indian food at its finest in terms of the quality of ingredients, presentation and service. My paneer makhani was a beautifully fine and creamy sauce and I could taste ithe sauce was made with fresh tomatoes. The food was exquisite and everything was perfectly cooked, (crispy bit soft in the middle Nan's, goregeous rice with no nasty artificial colorant additives and delicately spiced) no sign of any oil. The pinot noir wine by the glass was high quality (wines are clearly carefully selected for the wine list) and the service was professional, courteous, friendly and caring. We were asked several times how the food was and my feeling was that any problem would have been handled well (although the only problem was I couldn't eat any more!). This is my favourite restaurant- gorgeous designer decor, food, wine and service- a treat! Note it is very popular so I would highly recommend booking in advance.

Jacqueline J.9 months ago · 1 review

An outstanding place with the most exquisite and vibrant food. This is the best Indian restaurant with spectacular food and incredible staff! The food has a contempory style with beautiful unique flavours , and attentive service. It is extremely busy , and yet, you do not feel rushed at all. We followed the suggestions of our waiter and he selected for us the tasting menu and the wines. He was brilliant! This is a real gem in Bristol ,and possibly the best Indian food I have had . I highly recommend a visit. It was our first time eating at the Mint Room ,and we will definitely go back. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

Gordon B.10 months ago · 1 review

Excellent. My partner and I have been several times before, but the neighbours who cam with us had never been to The Mint Room. They had high expectations, so we were a bit nervous, as we had chosen the venue. We need not have worried....from the warm welcome, table ready, cheerful staff, stunning presentation, great food....everything was spot on and although we were the last table to leave, there was no pressure. Portion sizes tend to be on the large size, especially with the fish much so that we reluctantly decided against desserts for the first time. That was probably good for the weight loss diet as desserts here are rich.

Nicholas C.2 years ago · 1 review

Brilliant restaurant. This was our second visit and we loved the food and speed of service. Only slight issue we had was being made to feel like we weren't ordering enough. We ordered a mains each and a couple of sides but kept getting asked are we sure we don't want more as others usually order more. As we had eaten there before we knew the potion sizes were good and what we ordered was more than enough. I gave a good tip as we really enjoyed the meal, but as soon as we had paid the guy serving us seemed to loose interest and almost seemed disappointed with us. Other than being made to feel we didn't order enough the food was brilliant and I would recommend, despite the odd service.

Anthony B.4 months ago · 1 review

The Mint Room has done what I always hoped would happen here in Bristol and they have taken the lush colours and flavours of Indian cuisine and placed them in the very European context of nouvelle cuisine. Go to the Mint Rooms to get your tastebuds truly tickled; each flavour is delicately presented and looks exquisite. When you can take your eyes off the food for a moment look around you and the same interesting and fascinating touch has been applied to the room, enjoy this as a setting of great charm, then turn back to your food and savour the excellent mix of fresh spices and herbs. You will find the service has the same charm and warmth as the food. Just enjoy it.

Russell B.2 months ago · 1 review

Absolutely superb meal and service that lived up to all expectations previously provided by friends and family. The Manchester guests that we introduced who were staying overnight at Clifton for the Bristol City V's Manchester United football match were so impressed with the overall restaurant experience with friendly and helpful staff that a return to the Mint Room has already been planned for January,.... to make a circa 250 mile round trip speaks volumes, and to top off the evening perfectly Bristol City beat Man Utd 2-1 - What a great evening, with great company, food and drink .

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