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Val D.a month ago · 1 review

Excellent service and fabulous food. You are one of our favourites and will return again and again and again. The staff are polite and very helpful.

Maxine J.a month ago · 1 review

Had a great meal at Venerdi, second time we have been and will certainly go again. Food very nice and our waiter was great 👍

Alex B.3 months ago · 1 review

Always good speedy service, waiting staff are friendly and attentive. The food is consistently good with delicious starters, lovely pasta and really tasty Pizzas. A Family favourite

Jon B.3 months ago · 1 review

Excellent food, service and ambiance. I will be back very soon! Very clean and friendly staff, there was nothing that needed improving. Feels like you are in Italy!

Calum L.3 months ago · 1 review

Food was delicious but service was average. I called ahead to enquire if the restaurant could accommodate a guest of mine with gluten and dairy allergies and I was informed they could. However, when we placed our order, the first waitress said they could only serve a salad. I explained we had called ahead and told differently so we were passed to a second waiter. He had a small amount of knowledge of the menu and had to go back and forth with the chef. He didn’t seem too confident with the kitchen, by saying, ‘legally, I have to so we can’t guarantee it will be completely gluten free’ which doesn’t fill anyone with allergies with confidence. There was no word of reassurance that the kitchen will try their best to not cross contaminate the food. We’ve eaten at plenty of Italians who are understanding of other people’s food requirements and can accommodate with confidence. We felt like an inconvenience to the staff and didn’t feel welcome. As I said, the food was delicious but the staffs attitide was poor and didn’t make it an enjoyable experience. I would not be returning.

Leonie R.10 months ago · 1 review

The decor's really smart but it keeps the relaxed cool feel. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food was delicious with a huge range of options so there's something fro everyone. The drinks were really good - the Peroni Negroni & the Bloody Orange Negroni were so good! The main courses were a little expensive but they have lots of fish and expensive ingredients in and are the standard prices for the area now :( The pizza and pasta options were more reasonable.

Linda B.10 months ago · 1 review

I have eaten at this restaurant several times and had a good experience, so invited my family who had to travel from all over for a birthday lunch yesterday. The service was very poor and I spent most of the lunch feeling uneasy & anxious trying to catch the waiter's attention for the items they had forgotten to bring. The prosecco was warm so I sent that back, I then reopened another drink but it didn't arrive so I had to leave the table to retrieve it. When the waiter eventually took our order, items were missing, we usually are offered pepper & parmesan, but had to ask. I then ordered a glass of wine to drink with the meal, which never arrived. Very disappointing for a what should have been a special occasion which we had travelled a long way for.

Nadine L.10 months ago · 1 review

I enjoyed my time, however it was very awkward upon arrival when the table wasn't ready for us yet. We had to wait for a couple with two small children to leave so they could draw the tables together. I felt bad for the couple and slightly rude. I think the whole situation could have been glossed over if the staff had apologised to myself and the couple, and explained the situation. I feel as though it came across as we were forcing them out of their seats. In spite of that I still enjoyed my time at the restaurant.

Julie S.a month ago · 1 review

The food was excellent. We were early but were immediately shown to our table. The restaurant was really busy and quite noisy and the staff worked very hard but there a couple of mistakes with our drinks order and sometime the waiters could be a bit brusque because they were so busy. But, overall, it still gets a 5 rating because the good far outweighed the couple of hiccups. We will definately go back.

Kazia F.10 months ago · 1 review

Following a new refurb and refined menu, the aesthetics were great... The restaurant LOOKS lovely, as does the menu; but 70% of what we asked for, they didn't have... right down to vanilla ice-cream! One of our party literally had an alternative dish for starter, main and dessert and as an apology for 'waiting so long for food' we were given an extra dessert, which was one we didn't want in the first place! The tricolor pasta was hilarious. You could literally tell which one was cooked first as it ranged from luke warm to steaming hot. The 4 cheese pizza was also essentially a mildly warm slice of cheese(s) on toast. Such a shame as we came here at least once a month; but not for £124 for hardly anything we wanted that then happened to be served 'just warm'. Great bartender and wait staff... shame about lack of food alongside inflated prices. Best not to open before you're ready... Sorry. After two years, we won't be coming back.