3 Restaurants in Liverpool: Moroccan

Moroccan restaurants in Liverpool

This large, bustling port city has always been known for its diverse, multicultural makeup – a fact reflected in the quality of Liverpool's Moroccan restaurants. Head to hot spots like Bold Street and South Road and you'll soon pick out the intense spices of North Africa among the spectrum of international flavours. Once inside, an array of stained glass ceiling lamps, plump cushions and carved screens add to the Arabian Nights allure of these welcoming eateries.

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Kasbah Cafe and Bazaar

Kasbah Cafe and Bazaar

The Fig Bistro

Middle Eastern££££
The Fig Bistro

Al Moroccan

Al Moroccan
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    What to order in Liverpool's Moroccan restaurants

    One of the highlighst of visiting Liverpool's Moroccan restaurants is to savour their selection of mezze. These hot and cold nibbles can be enjoyed as a meal in their own right or as the first course in a more leisurely repast. Those of carnivorous tendencies should try a bowl of kofta (lamb meatballs with cumin) or merguez (grilled Moroccan sausage). And there are some great choices for vegetarians too, from falafel (chickpea patties) to zaalouk (roast aubergines). Mixed grills and hearty broths called tagines usually feature on the menu of mains, and all that's left is to round out your meal with a refreshing mint tea and some feather-light pastries.