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Cuisine: Portuguese
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3 Restaurants in Liverpool: Portuguese

Enjoy great seafood and meat dishes at Portuguese restaurants in Liverpool

Why are there so many outstanding Portuguese restaurants in Liverpool? Well, one reason is obvious: both places have a maritime heritage. For hundreds of years, sailors from Lisbon and the Mersey served on the same ships and drank in the same ports, so it's not surprising that in today's Liverpool Portuguese restaurants seem to be everywhere.

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Cafe Porto

City Centre
Cafe Porto

Quinta Bar and Grill

Quinta Bar and Grill


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    From croquettes to salt cod, Liverpool's Portuguese restaurants excel

    If you haven't already experienced cuisine from Portugal, you may be surprised by how different it is to more familiar Spanish cooking. At Liverpool's Portuguese restaurants, you'll find plenty of distinctive seafood dishes, including deep-fried bacalao (salt cod), which is a national speciality. Grilled seafood like polvo (octopus) is also usually on the menu, often in combination with grilled meats and potato dishes like creamy breaded croquettes. Most of it will be familiar to British diners, so there's no need to worry about finding something you like when you book tables at Portuguese restaurants in Liverpool.
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    You'll find great chefs from Portugal all over the Merseyside area

    Food from Portugal is fashionable in general at the moment, something which may well be due to it featuring a healthy combination of grilled seafood or meat and fresh vegetables. This popularity has well and truly spread to Merseyside, with outstanding Portuguese restaurants in both Liverpool's city centre and outlying suburbs. For instance, there are some great places near the university and the Georgian Quarter, along with options near the docks and a few excellent eateries over in Birkenhead too. Wherever you are, you won't be far away from a chef cooking Portugal's finest dishes.
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    Try authentic piri piri chicken at Liverpool's best Portuguese restaurants

    One of the best reasons to check out Portuguese restaurants in Liverpool is the chance to find out what a genuine piri piri sauce tastes like. This chilli-spiced style of cooking chicken has gained a huge following in recent years, and its roots lie in Portugal. When made fresh, it features squeezed lemon juice, grated orange peel, finely chopped oregano and red peppers, and you can easily taste the difference between sauces prepared in-person and bottled varieties. Find out for yourself by booking a spot at one of the best Portuguese restaurants Liverpool has to offer. You won't be disappointed.