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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Horsham restaurant will be closed for a short period of time whilst repairs are undertaken. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, in the interim please visit Côte's neighbouring restaurants in Haywards Heath, Dorking and Brighton.

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Côte Horsham
1 East Street, Town Centre
Horsham RH12 1HH

Menu Highlights



French Onion Soup

Rustic French onion soup with a sourdough croûte and melted Comté cheese

Prawn Gratinée

King prawns in a white wine, garlic, chilli and tomato sauce with toasted garlic and parsley croutons

Warm Roquefort Salad

Endive, walnut and crouton salad with a warm Roquefort cheese dressing


Steak Frites

Chargrilled thinly beaten out minute steak with frites and garlic butter (served pink)

Breton Fish Stew

Traditional Breton fish stew of seabream, mussels, clams, prawns and squid with tomato, white wine and chilli

Beef Bourguignon

Traditional Beef Bourguignon with potato and chive purée, bacon lardons and chestnut mushrooms


Chocolate Fondant

Warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream

Crème Caramel

Traditional set vanilla pod custard with dark caramel and cream

Tarte Fine aux Pommes

Crisp puff pastry tart with finely layered apples and vanilla ice-cream

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More about Côte Horsham, Horsham

With an array of charming passageways and mews to wander through, Horsham is a picturesque town with a lot to offer. Nestled on the quiet East Street in the town centre, lies Côte Brasserie, a French-style brasserie where you will find French classics in the way of duck confit and beef Bourguignon, as well as an extensive wine list sourced from regional wineries across France. Côte Brasserie Horsham is quintessentially beautiful with a two storey dining area allowing guests to feel truly relaxed.

We recommend stopping in for breakfast and indulging in croque monsieur, a classic French ham and Gruyère cheese sandwich, or make it a madame by adding a fried egg. That’s not to overlook the evening menu, however, and for a decadent evening start with breadcrumbed calamari sautèed in garlic, lemon and parsley, followed by the pan roasted pork belly with gratin potato, braised savoy cabbage, apples, thyme and a calvados jus. Côte Brasserie is a French delight that will have your tastebuds dancing and leave you smiling from ear to ear. Book a table to reserve your space in this beautiful brasserie in Horsham’s town centre.

579 Côte Horsham Reviews

579 Reviews
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Amy L.a month ago · 3 reviews

Very welcoming restaurant, fantastic variety of food. Polite members of staff. Would always recommend

Amy L.a month ago · 3 reviews

Cote excellent as always. Wonderful food, staff and atmosphere, a firm favourite

Emma M.6 months ago · 6 reviews

Very friendlly and relaxed atmosphere and the service and food is great, parking near by makes this a good choice of restaurant- we love Cotes as a chain and it seems we are never let down here.

Mike S.7 months ago · 8 reviews

Excellent food, relaxed, friendly and attentive staff and a pleasant 'upmarket bistro' ambience. Can't ask for more than that.

Sue W.a year ago · 1 review

We have been going to Cote Horsham since the week they opened and have always thoroughly enjoyed our experience. This time however - NOT. A friend who has been staying with us took us there as a thank you and we were met by the manager who just about managed to show us to a table, did not take our coats (as usually happens) and in truth was not friendly or service minded throughout the evening. No-one asked if we were enjoying our meal etc. etc. - all of which normally happens. They were very busy that evening BUT we were paying customers in the same way that the bigger parties were and deserved the same attention - which we normally receive but certainly did not - in fact I would go so far as to say that the manager (and we know he is because he spent part of our evening there the other week telling us how good he was and how well Cote Horsham were doing in the group - ad infinitum and in fact brought us 4 free drinks as a thank you for our long-term custom and then charged us for them at the end of the evening - the charge was removed but only after I explained they should have been free) was actually not even friendly. I have run a large service industry company in the past and service is everything - having been such loyal customers of Cote - we have decided that we may give them a miss in the foreseeable future and try other restaurants where we hopefully will be treated as "customers" and not "people who got in the way"!!

Amy C.10 months ago · 8 reviews

Starter was delivered unusually quickly, the olives came at the same time as the starters. The mains were lovely. However i think due to having several large tables in they were really throwing out the food, didnt leave much time to relax and enjoy the evening. The dessert is where it all went wrong through; my Husband is a coeliac and ordered the creme brulee which came cold and without the caramelised sugar top. When we mentioned this to the waitress she said that the sugar top had gluten in, that is what the chef had said, when i said i didnt think this was right and he had had it before it was, 'did i want to speak to the manager', i said no, but then grabbed a more experienced person who may well have been the manager. I didnt even have to finish my explanation before he was frowning, no the sugar didnt contain gluten, obviously. I also expressed that i felt the waitress had been quite rude in her handling of the situation. He very kindly gave both desserts and our bottle of wine free, as well as removing the service charge, it was much appreciated. When the waitress came to take our payment she was very polite and so we did leave a tip. Unfortunately Cote continues to be very hit and miss, it is still our go to place to dine, especially due to my husbands dietary needs, but i wish it could be more consistent.

David D.a year ago · 1 review

The waiting staff were great and dealt with all out issues really well but having dined many times at Cote before this was my only poor experience. No linen knapkins which just starts off the meal with cheap feel. We had booked for our anniversary as our first date was Cote in Brighton so not having linen made it feel less like a special treat. I had booked with the kir royal Offers and these came and were Lovely and cheered us up! The flat bread we ordered was over cooked and the topping dry. The Starters were delicious though; calamari and the crab and avocado. Our mains arrived but my partners haddock was not hot at all so the manager came and said he would have it cooled again. When this happens you are always in a difficult situation because we now have to eat seperately which is never as enjoyable. When the haddock came it was hot but it was also very dry. She ate it and it was tasty but not up to your usual standard. The manager did take the dish off the bill and a two drinks and a shared creme caramel which was kind but we would still have preferred to have had a lovely romantic delicious meal with you which is what we normally have and have grown to expect. I'm hoping it was just a one off but worries that the chef would let out sub standard dishes.

Morwen M.a year ago · 4 reviews

Due to prior commitments, our booking was for 9.45 pm. Even then, we were a bit late, but we were welcomed to the almost empty restaurant as though they really wanted to see us! Some friends then arrived in the hope of getting a late table. The staff kindly allowed our two parties to join up onto a larger table, warning the chef to hold back on our mains whilst the others caught up. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. The food was of high standard, we particularly enjoyed our 'May special' starter with artichokes and goat's cheese. Thank you!

Tony S.a year ago · 1 review

Although I'm a Rewards customer at Cotes in Dorking, I often have lunch at Cotes in Horsham with my wife. Their set lunch menu is very good value for money although some of their set menus have proved better to our liking than others and we have been disappointed by the choice on occasions. Nevertheless, I would generally recommended the food. However, I strongly dislike their "imposed" 12% service charge and have made this known on more than one occasion. It is for the customer to reward good service not for the management to assume you are content with the service and pre-impose this irrespectively on the customer (I know you can have this removed). This is seen as a means of justifying not paying their waiting staff a proper wage. It will be interesting to see if you publish this - a comment which I know is shared by many!!

sue m.a year ago · 1 review

We have been eating at Cote Brasserie Horsham for over 4 years now and have nothing but praise for this superb restaurant. The food is always excellent - from breakfast to dinner - the staff are always charming and professional and the welcome is always warm. I did once eat at Cote in Sloane Square London and was not as impressed but your restaurant in Fulham just off Fulham Road in a small enclave - was also excellent - Don't change the menu - Horsham Cote is always packed and wouldn't be if it were not the best.