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Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Grill is a fresh face in London’s West African restaurant renaissance, offering fine Nigerian dining to the lucky denizens of Lewisham. Eating here is an upscale experience, but we love this Lewisham High Street restaurant’s cheeky self-description – if Enish were a guy he’d be immaculately tailored, but also be sitting back, drink in hand, laughing like no one’s watching. That’s the spirit, and it’s this mix of earnestness and respect plus a playful vibrancy that is the essence of the delicious West African and Nigerian cuisine on offer – bold, rich, deep, and often very hot!

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Enish - Lewisham
228 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham
London SE13 6JU

Menu Highlights



Chicken Wings

Mild, Hot or Very Hot.

Stewed Beef

Beef in a fried tomato based sauce.

Pepper Soup

Fresh cut assorted goat meat cooked in African herbs, peppers and spices.

More about Enish - Lewisham, London

The backbone of Nigerian cuisine is the use of herbs and spices unique to West Africa plus palm oil (otherwise known as red oil) and groundnut oil as a base for cooking rich stews and soups, often with a generous dose of fiery chilli peppers. The structure of a traditional Nigerian meal is typically social, with an array of different dishes shared across the table. It’s these traditional foundations that Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Grill brings to London at their chic restaurant down Lewisham High Street. A meal here is exceptional, carefully crafted by head chef Olushola Medupin and his team. Indeed, Medupin cut his teeth at top-ranked Lagos restaurant Ebun-Ola, and now he’s bringing his wealth of culinary expertise to Lewisham.

While Enish houses a well-stocked bar that keeps the good times flowing whether you’re at this London Nigerian restaurant for a casual meal or a proper celebration, the food is naturally the focus. While the menu changes regularly, you can count on a heady mix of fantastic West African dishes with a focus on Nigerian cuisine. Try moimoi to start, bean-floured peppers, onions, and mackerel, tilapia pepper soup, or the truly exotic east Nigerian dish of isiewu or goat’s head soup. The main event at Enish’s Lewisham High Street premises always comes with a traditional spread of pounded yam, eba, amala, semolina, or wheat. From there, choose your weapons from a long list of classic main meals: egusi, eforiro, ogbono, ewedu, oha, edikang ikong and more again from the grill. If you’re not versed in the language of Nigerian cuisine, let Enish’s friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through dishes typified by okra, West African nuts, seeds, and leaves, powerfully flavoured meat and fish dishes, and vegetable dishes a world away from European standards. Enish is an unmissable experience – book now.

74 Enish - Lewisham Reviews

74 Reviews
Waiting time:Very good
Value for money:Good value
Noise levels:Pleasant
Yasmin S.5 months ago · 2 reviews

Food and drink was amazing and full of flavour. The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant. My overall experience was definitely 10/10.

Napoleon C.6 months ago · 1 review

Nice place to have a taste of Nigerian dishes. We were spoilt for choice and settled on a menu that we do not prepare at home. It was tasty.

Bee J.6 months ago · 1 review

great place to dine. very professional staff and very satisfactory experience overall. would go there again.