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4.4 /6 Very Good 97 Reviews

K Place Korean BBQ

Monument Asian, Korean £££ +100
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About K Place Korean BBQ

K Place Korean BBQ is the new place in the City of London for proper Korean style barbecued gelbi, bulgogi and more with lavish set banqueting options available and a stylish space on St Mary At Hill to enjoy it all in. Found in the Billingsgate ward close to London Bridge and Monument tube station, K Place’s menus are clear and carefully annotated, which is great if you’re new to the fun, social Korean barbecue experience. If you’re a veteran, you need to book a table and check this Korean restaurant out.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00
  • Saturday 17:30 - 00:00
  • Sunday 17:30 - 00:00
K Place Korean BBQ, 1 St Mary At Hill, EC3R 8EE London

Further Information

A good introduction to K Place Korean BBQ’s offering would be to order one of the three set menus, the most generous of which gives you the chance to tailor an incredible ten-course buffet banquet with unlimited meat and seafood options. Once you find your way from Monument underground and take your seat at K Place’s St Mary At Hill premises, picking your way through the huge selection offered by this Korean restaurant in the heart of the City of London is a real pleasure, with the buffet menu divided up into suggestively titled sections. Dishes listed under Enhance are described as well prepared and with a sharpened taste, and include braised tofu or oyster, while Deep Impact dishes feature the braised meat or fish of the day. In a nod to its home near London Bridge, K Place puts its staple rice and soups of the day under the section Keep Calm And Carry On.

The a la carte offering at this London Bridge restaurant is more straight-faced and cleaves close to Korean culinary traditions. Starters include delicate pancakes stuffed with kimchi and rice cakes, classics of Korean street food. You can even grab a bucket of KFC at this St Mary At Hill less-than-fast food restaurant; Korean fried chicken, that is, marinated in either a savoury, sweet chilli, or honey, butter and garlic sauce. K Place Korean BBQ sources its beef from a local Smithfield butcher and seafood from the nearby Billingsgate fish market, meaning it’s all as fresh as possible when it’s sliced and delivered raw to your table. This is where the copper exhaust hoods above each table come down, and the fun begins. London loves Korean barbecue cuisine for its social aspect as much as its taste, and K Place’s restaurant near London Bridge and Monument is without a doubt one of the very best venues for this mode of dining in the capital.


97 Reviews

4.4 /6 Very Good 97 Reviews
Food: delicious
Quality/Price: cheap
Noise: quiet
Service: friendly
Atmosphere: lively
Waiting Time: short
22 6
35 5
18 4
12 3
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9 1
3 reviews so far 6
23.08.2017 12:49

The honey and garlic chicken wings to start were divine. My bibimbap was also amazing. The decor is cosy without being cramped. Can't go wrong!

1 review so far 6
10.05.2017 08:23

Brilliant food, excellent service!! Only bad point, booked ahead got assigned a crap table as they were fully booked. But clearly they were not. Next time I'll book much earlier ahead.

1 review so far 6
08.05.2017 09:21

It was amazing and really nice, defiantly recommend to others. Helpful staff, clean facilities and great food. like a gem in the city type of place.

1 review so far 6
06.05.2017 15:39

Brilliant spot for dinner, a great bbq place and plenty of food. We booked dinner here Friday night and was lucky because this place books out, so plan ahead and make a booking. So much food to eat you can't go wrong if you are hungry.

5 reviews so far 3
10.04.2016 11:46

I was really disappointed with the evening : the service was disorganised .We had to ask few times for the same things. They messed up a little bit with the drinks and wanted to charge 2 pound for a glass of hot water. The food was edible ( the pancake and omelette nothing of mention ), no kimchi served in the side dishes and they not serve rice of salad unless you will ask for ( I wonder how you can wrap the barbecue meat , I feel that at least they should ask you if you would like them or not ) The list of wine is pricey no option below 20£ apart the house wine ( I know that it is a Korean restaurant but there was not even Green tea available ) The portion for the meat was good , the buffet menu is a good deal but I have been in other place where for the same price the quality was better. They gave us some plate for the cake which were not that clean ( and it was not only one but all of them ) We had to ask to clear the table to have the cake served, something that i felt should be done without asking for it When I went to the toilet, it seems that somebody smoked in it.. All in all the experience was not really a positive one. The positive thing was that we were running late and they did not mind it. However when we left the place we were felt that the money we paid were not really worth it. It is likely that we will not go back. It is a pity because I was happy to have a Korean restaurant close by where I live.

1 review so far 6
18.12.2015 10:39

We had a team lunch and had Korean bbq buffet menu (Set B). Food was good and plentiful. We had 6 meats (different cuts of beef, pork and chicken) and given a small break before asking what other meats we wanted more of. They had bottled Korean beer (hite) and Japanese beer (Kirren) on draught. We left at 4:30 (we were the last ones from lunch service) and were not rushed to finish which was good. Service was great and everyone was polite.

1 review so far 5
01.04.2017 01:11

Initially it was tough for our party to get served, most likely because the restaurant was full. However things turned around quickly and we managed to have an exceptional Korean BBQ experience. The meats and seafood were very good. The starters and sides were also a good addition to the experience. Overall my friends and I had a very good evening and will come back again. It's tough to find an all you can eat Korean BBQ in London, and K Place ticks all the boxes for what we were looking for.

1 review so far 5
27.07.2016 20:43

Really lovely restaurant with table-top grills! Staff there were incredibly helpful, guiding us through a new experience of cooking our own food. The only downside was the prices. For a set menu is was expensive (but it did sound like a lot of food was given) so we went for other options, which was cheaper. However, you do get miso soup, rice, vegetables and complementary fruit at the end, so its not like the prices were outrageous. Definitely an amazing experience though! Will be visiting again :)

1 review so far 6
31.07.2016 08:32

We had booked for 4 with wine but only 3 of us could make it. Manager was really accommodating - we had food for 4 with seafood and more than we could eat - grill is wonderful - it is a bit DIY but instructions were spot on and helpful. Paid £16.50 for service which could not be faulted - there when needed and not hovering around us.

1 review so far 6
15.06.2016 07:59

The staff was super helpfull. It was my first time at korean bbq so they came to check up every now and then. The food was delicious! Price wasn't that bad either. We paid £27 both me and ny friend, but we had two kinds of meats, lots of vegetables, starters and two drinks each. We were very satisfied and we definetely want to come again!

1 review so far 6
25.08.2016 06:33

Great food experience and friendly attentive staff. A good find. The staff are happy to explain the menu and what you need to do. We opted for a la Carte and the beauty us you can order some food then add as you go along as well t doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the meal. Don't be put off by the decor. Would definitely recommend.

2 reviews so far 3
08.05.2017 09:32

Food was good and authentic in my opinion. Service though left some things to be desired. First, they did not seem to have our reservation at all! Luckily we had a print out of it and upon showing it, the waiter frowned stating that we were way too early! They had just opened and the whole restaurant was literarily empty. After some further interrogation whether we had also called to confirm via the phone we were told that the deal with the Tastecard is not indeed two for one as it states on their web site but rather 50% off only for the owner of the card. Unnecessary nuisance for a virtually empty restaurant of which I heard of via the Tastecard.....

1 review so far 5
14.01.2017 23:17

When we arrived, starters were served to us and we're very well presented and delicious. The meat we had to grill was varied and lovely. Even though we went on a weekend, we could enjoy our meal for as long as we want and the service was very efficient despite there being little people serving. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend K place!

1 review so far 6
31.07.2016 14:43

We visited Quandoo for our son's birthday celebrations. On arrival we were greeted with warmth and hospitality which continued throughout the evening from all the staff in the restaurant. Service was low key but high class, the food was varied and excellent and we all came away having enjoyed a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend.

1 review so far 3
18.07.2016 07:50

It started off well, good service and staff were very polite. Good explanation of what the dishes were. However when we were done with our food we ordered some more drinks, which never arrived, we then have to ask for our dessert (which was included in the set menu) we were also waiting on some coffee that was included in the set menu but it never arrived. We asked for the bill 3 times and waited 30 minutes before we actually received it. The restaurant wasn't overly busy so don't understand why the service went downhill at the end. Ruined the experience.

1 review so far 5
20.08.2016 09:24

Staff were efficient, we ordered the 10 course set menu, I've been to here a few times before, if they're busy, they will forget to bring u some of the courses and we wouldn't know which ones are missing and this time, no dessert, which is usually a piece of fruit so we didn't miss out on much.

1 review so far 5
21.10.2016 13:58

We had the unlimited bbq choice. Meat was decent enough, bearing in mid it was unlimited, but they don't skimp on portions and sides also, which is amazing. They had the new flavours of soju which the lads enjoyed. Service was friendly and helpful too. Perhaps the ventilation needs some work from the smoke, being underground.

1 review so far 6
24.06.2016 00:30

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, let down by the taste card limitations, been here twice, they've swapped the deal around, initially 50% off main meals..then changed to 10% off and only applicable to card holder's meal. Great food though and the service was good too.

1 review so far 6
26.07.2016 08:39

K-Place was a great experience, the 10-course buffet was amazing, the amount of food just right, great value for money. We also had an amazing pomegranate soju which I really recommend. The staff was attentive and really nice. Would definitely go back

1 review so far 5
15.03.2016 10:36

Location was somewhat difficult to find. Food was good. Waiters are all friendly but as the place was very busy (Friday evening), we often had to wait for a while to be served. The set menu has got great value/price. I would recommend this place and happily re-visit.

1 review so far 5
20.01.2016 10:22

We were new to Korean food and knowing what to do was not obvious. The waiter did help but I think a second visit would improve the experience. The food was good and the restaurant was mostly used by Korean families which is always a good sign.

3 reviews so far 6
03.08.2016 13:37

Great food, great atmosphere. The only downside is that it looks a little shabby and it got very very hot, but the entire experience outweighs these comments. The waiters were fantastic - very friendly and cheerful. Will be back.

3 reviews so far 4
29.07.2016 10:09

Nice food in general. Service is bit disappointing. Looks only 2 staff are working for full house restaurant - you may ask again and again till getting what you order. Don't expect them grilling the BBQ - they don't! even though that is normal service you can be offered from other Korean restaurants.

1 review so far 5
08.03.2017 07:07

Great food and a great experience! Going back again this week as the food was yummy and the Rioja was divine! Perfect evening but beware that due to the BBQ on the table clothes and hair can smell a bit smokey.

1 review so far 5
15.02.2016 09:53

Great little restaurant...the decor is a bit dated but the food is very good especially the Kimchi Pancake, Spicy pork and the bulgogi....Go for the set menu if you would like a bit of variety.....its fairly priced for central london standards...

1 review so far 5
23.01.2017 09:07

This is my 3rd time to come with my friends. The atmosphere is exactly same as Korean restaurants. and there are a lot of Korean menus. I love the 'fat end'!!! And thank you for the side dishes! :)

1 review so far 6
15.02.2017 12:07

The service was impeccable and the food absolutely delicious! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone. A quaint little place in the heart of the city is a gem of a find

1 review so far 6
26.01.2016 17:34

Brilliant authentic food tucked away near fenchurch street. Had Kimchi jeon and chicken for a starter. Spicy pork is highly recommended! Friendly staff. Was surprised how busy it was at 12!

1 review so far 5
05.04.2017 16:29

Great place full of Koreans so much be good. Friendly service and helpful staff. Food and drink are good value for being in the city You must try the soften egg and also the Korean Fried Chicken

1 review so far 6
11.09.2016 07:54

Excellent food and helpful staff. Food brought out too quickly but otherwise, brilliant. 10 course meal had a variety of meats and veg and other dishes. Something for everyone.

1 review so far 6
12.10.2016 20:56

Good quality ingredients, fresh, delicious pickles and authentic Korean. All in all a good experience. Speed of service can be further improved especially when serving big groups like ours.

1 review so far 5
25.01.2017 23:18

I heard of this restaurant through a Groupon voucher. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the food; the service was great as well. Friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone and for small group outings.

1 review so far 5
12.11.2015 13:38

The food was yummy. The service was friendly. However the service was slightly slow but that's because of them being short staffed. Definitely will go back and have the bbq again it was awesome

1 review so far 5
04.05.2017 09:48

Food was very tasty, good service overall . Will go back for sure! Wine too expensive though, minimum 18gbp for a bottle! Toilets bit dirty! No hand soap! Maybe they had too many people

1 review so far 6
18.02.2016 08:41

Amazing food. You must go for the bbq buffet as it is authentic and we'll marinated. K place is now my place. Thank you for everything OJ/ KP

1 review so far 5
14.04.2016 10:02

Very helpful waiting staff and lovely food. My family had a lovely meal at K Place. At times service seemed slow perhaps due to lack of coordination, but overall experience was very good.

1 review so far 6
15.04.2017 09:03

evrythin was excellent rite down to the explaination beginning middle til end no complaints went for a celebration blind sided but they explain all the different meats

1 review so far 5
27.01.2017 07:56

Food was really good and plenty of it, we had the Buffett. Service was good. The decor is a bit tired but you go there for the food. Will be going back

2 reviews so far 4
29.03.2017 13:15

very nice, food was good, service was good, however my table was not. the table we sat on was made for 4 people max, however a desk top table was added and we only had 1 stove between 6 people.

1 review so far 5
24.03.2016 09:08

Very tasty and worth every penny. The all you can eat BBQ is the best part they come with abundant first dishes and there are many different kind of meat for BBQ.

1 review so far 4
28.04.2017 16:14

We had the 10 course Korean BBQ (with a Groupon Voucher). It was nothing special but perfectly reasonable. And the restaurant had attended to the criticisms on Tripadvisor regarding service charges - so kudos to them. Give it a go!

2 reviews so far 6
21.12.2015 08:18

Good food and great service, prices are ok too. Authentic Korean restaurant in the CIty of London. My favourite's the KFC and the seafood noodle soup!

1 review so far 5
17.12.2016 23:31

It was all great but the Groupon voucher said a coffee and dessert of the day will be included? I didn't get a coffee, and dessert of the day was orange

1 review so far 5
19.03.2016 02:44

Great experience. The owner and staff were very friendly. We experienced issues with the BBQ grill on our table but they made minimum fuss and moved us over to another table.

1 review so far 5
31.10.2016 20:59

Brilliant night. Excellent korea BBQ most genuine ive been to outside Ulsan. Only down side is the price of Soju in the UK. Great for a night out with friends

1 review so far 6
29.10.2016 09:45

They don't integrate their booking system with quandoo at the time. So book >3hrs in advance online or call them. Great food, cheery staff. :)

1 review so far 6
21.04.2016 09:15

Delicious food, great value, lovely staff. I'd definitely return. The bbq set menu was a great choice and not too expensive, also reasonable drinks choice.

1 review so far 6
31.01.2016 01:54

Good service. Quality food. Excellent atmosphere. Definitely will come back next time and worth a recommendation to all my friends and family. Amazing! Brilliant! Spectacular!

1 review so far 3
16.12.2015 07:27

Empty when we arrived and in the middle of repairing a barbecue. I asked them to stop. Then they said their card supplier has stopped their account so we would have to pay cash. The food was quite good but they seem to be very disorganised and not customer friendly.

1 review so far 5
25.01.2017 22:42

Amazing food - had beef and fish options and they were soft as butter! The restaurant was busy and the staff a tiny bit disorganised, but otherwise very friendly.