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K Place Korean BBQ

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About K Place Korean BBQ

K Place Korean BBQ is the new place in the City of London for proper Korean style barbecued gelbi, bulgogi and more with lavish set banqueting options available and a stylish space on St Mary At Hill to enjoy it all in. Found in the Billingsgate ward close to London Bridge and Monument tube station, K Place’s menus are clear and carefully annotated, which is great if you’re new to the fun, social Korean barbecue experience. If you’re a veteran, you need to book a table and check this Korean restaurant out.

Opening Times

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K Place Korean BBQ
1 St Mary At Hill, Monument
London EC3R 8EE

Menu Highlights



Softened egg [gyeran jjim]

vegetable/cheese/shrimp - gently seasoned softened eggs cooked in a clay pot

Rice cake [tok bok ki]

rice cake with chili sauce or sweet soy sauce. This is a famous Korean street food

Pancake [jeon]

seafood/kimchi/kimchi & cheese - Korean savoury pancake stuffed with your choice of ingredients

Chef's Recommendations

Raw beef

thinly sliced raw beef with sweet pear sauce and egg yolk

Cheese spicy chicken

grilled chicken in chili paste with melted cheddar cheese

Fish cake broth

this broth contains assorted Korean fish cakes


Kimchi fried rice

stir fried kimchi and rice topped with a fried egg

Kim chi jji gae [kim chi jji gae]

Kimchi and pork broth with tofu

Mixed rice [bibimbap]

raw beef/tendered beef/chicken/pork
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More about K Place Korean BBQ, London

A good introduction to K Place Korean BBQ’s offering would be to order one of the three set menus, the most generous of which gives you the chance to tailor an incredible ten-course buffet banquet with unlimited meat and seafood options. Once you find your way from Monument underground and take your seat at K Place’s St Mary At Hill premises, picking your way through the huge selection offered by this Korean restaurant in the heart of the City of London is a real pleasure, with the buffet menu divided up into suggestively titled sections. Dishes listed under Enhance are described as well prepared and with a sharpened taste, and include braised tofu or oyster, while Deep Impact dishes feature the braised meat or fish of the day. In a nod to its home near London Bridge, K Place puts its staple rice and soups of the day under the section Keep Calm And Carry On.

The a la carte offering at this London Bridge restaurant is more straight-faced and cleaves close to Korean culinary traditions. Starters include delicate pancakes stuffed with kimchi and rice cakes, classics of Korean street food. You can even grab a bucket of KFC at this St Mary At Hill less-than-fast food restaurant; Korean fried chicken, that is, marinated in either a savoury, sweet chilli, or honey, butter and garlic sauce. K Place Korean BBQ sources its beef from a local Smithfield butcher and seafood from the nearby Billingsgate fish market, meaning it’s all as fresh as possible when it’s sliced and delivered raw to your table. This is where the copper exhaust hoods above each table come down, and the fun begins. London loves Korean barbecue cuisine for its social aspect as much as its taste, and K Place’s restaurant near London Bridge and Monument is without a doubt one of the very best venues for this mode of dining in the capital.

120 K Place Korean BBQ Reviews

120 Reviews
Waiting time:Very good
Noise levels:Pleasant
Value for money:Good value
Bella P.5 days ago · 1 review

Very pleasant experience. There were 12 of us who were there for my birthday dinner. They were very attentive to us and our needs. They even made a special Vegan dish for my friend who is vegan. We were offered free 2 hr use of the Karaoke downstairs as an inclusion to our set meal of £28.99 - which included unlimited Korean barbecue. Thank you for that experience.

David B.19 days ago · 1 review

Lovely restaurant, they were understaffed and ran out of the chilli chicken (which is my favourite and is absolutely delicious!!) but great place to go, quick service and friendly staff.

Teresa B.24 days ago · 2 reviews

Great food, authentic atmosphere and friendly staff. They have some vegetarian and vegan options, although limited. We really enjoyed the kimchi tofu and kimchi fried rice.

Nathan M.2 months ago · 1 review

Had an amazing meal and such a friendly atmosphere and a great chat with the chef! Definite must go! I'll be back and will be sure to book the Karaoke room downstairs too ;)

jong ja g.2 years ago · 5 reviews

I was really disappointed with the evening : the service was disorganised .We had to ask few times for the same things. They messed up a little bit with the drinks and wanted to charge 2 pound for a glass of hot water. The food was edible ( the pancake and omelette nothing of mention ), no kimchi served in the side dishes and they not serve rice of salad unless you will ask for ( I wonder how you can wrap the barbecue meat , I feel that at least they should ask you if you would like them or not ) The list of wine is pricey no option below 20£ apart the house wine ( I know that it is a Korean restaurant but there was not even Green tea available ) The portion for the meat was good , the buffet menu is a good deal but I have been in other place where for the same price the quality was better. They gave us some plate for the cake which were not that clean ( and it was not only one but all of them ) We had to ask to clear the table to have the cake served, something that i felt should be done without asking for it When I went to the toilet, it seems that somebody smoked in it.. All in all the experience was not really a positive one. The positive thing was that we were running late and they did not mind it. However when we left the place we were felt that the money we paid were not really worth it. It is likely that we will not go back. It is a pity because I was happy to have a Korean restaurant close by where I live.

Myle P.2 years ago · 1 review

We had a team lunch and had Korean bbq buffet menu (Set B). Food was good and plentiful. We had 6 meats (different cuts of beef, pork and chicken) and given a small break before asking what other meats we wanted more of. They had bottled Korean beer (hite) and Japanese beer (Kirren) on draught. We left at 4:30 (we were the last ones from lunch service) and were not rushed to finish which was good. Service was great and everyone was polite.

Daniel O.a year ago · 1 review

Initially it was tough for our party to get served, most likely because the restaurant was full. However things turned around quickly and we managed to have an exceptional Korean BBQ experience. The meats and seafood were very good. The starters and sides were also a good addition to the experience. Overall my friends and I had a very good evening and will come back again. It's tough to find an all you can eat Korean BBQ in London, and K Place ticks all the boxes for what we were looking for.

Sophie D.2 years ago · 1 review

Really lovely restaurant with table-top grills! Staff there were incredibly helpful, guiding us through a new experience of cooking our own food. The only downside was the prices. For a set menu is was expensive (but it did sound like a lot of food was given) so we went for other options, which was cheaper. However, you do get miso soup, rice, vegetables and complementary fruit at the end, so its not like the prices were outrageous. Definitely an amazing experience though! Will be visiting again :)

David L.2 years ago · 1 review

We had booked for 4 with wine but only 3 of us could make it. Manager was really accommodating - we had food for 4 with seafood and more than we could eat - grill is wonderful - it is a bit DIY but instructions were spot on and helpful. Paid £16.50 for service which could not be faulted - there when needed and not hovering around us.

Louise F.2 years ago · 1 review

Great food experience and friendly attentive staff. A good find. The staff are happy to explain the menu and what you need to do. We opted for a la Carte and the beauty us you can order some food then add as you go along as well t doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the meal. Don't be put off by the decor. Would definitely recommend.

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