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Pigeon Compote – 1861/ Mrs Beeton

Cooked and shredded pigeon in sweet pickle, garden radish, corned duck and beer biscuit

Asparagus ice cream - 1880/ Theodore Garrett

Green asparagus soup, sugar coated peanuts and garlic grass

Lyng fish and trout peel – 1617/ King James I, Houghton Tower

Lightly smoked and herb cured white ling fillet, fried trout skin and black walnut ketchup


Hen in bokenade– 1390/ Forme of cury

Organic corn fed chicken breast, mushroom powder, charred carrots and almond milk

Rice Polpetti – 1890/Mary Pope

Brown rice cooked with butter and whole wheat bran, thyme and lemon. Turnip roulade and baked apple cream cheese

Fry’d orange trout – 1665 / Robert May

Breaded and cooked in brown butter, a salad of fried parsley and apple, cold smoked tartare and garden herbs


Sack Posset– 1755 / Mrs Cleland

Red wine leather, milk crumble and caraway vinagrette

Queen Charlottes pudding – 1867/Mr Kettners Soho

Baked egg custard with oranges, lemons and preserve
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