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About Zindiya

Bringing the vibrancy of street markets in India to Moseley is Zindiya, a 90-seater restaurant on Woodbridge Road that turns heads with its distinctive aqua shopfront. A marriage between the word ‘Zindagi’ (‘life’) in Hindi, and ‘Diya’ (‘light and splendour’; the name of the owners’ daughter, Zindiya is a breath of fresh air in Birmingham’s dining scene. Snack on sharing portions of Bhel Puri or Papri Chaat for no more than a few pounds and wash them down with a local craft beer or cocktails specially designed by Robert Wood of Smultronställe fame. You’ll want to save a table for your crew at this one, so book with us now!

Opening Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 22:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 22:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday 12:00 - 22:00
Zindiya, 21 Woodbridge Road, B13 8EH Birmingham

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149 Reviews

5.2 /6 Excellent 149 Reviews
Service: friendly
Quality/Price: great value
Waiting Time: short
Noise: quiet
Atmosphere: excellent
Food: heavenly
77 6
45 5
12 4
5 3
7 2
3 1
1 review so far 6
25.06.2017 11:14

amazing place, super cool interior design, great vibe, good prices and a huge range of food. It's also really refreshing to see so many dishes with the option of meat or vegetarian. I always struggle to find decent veggie options, and the wife always love her meaty meals - this is the perfect place to keep everyone happy. Great food, great place and great prices. We'll be back. PS. If you're not a fan of mint, MAKE SURE you specifically ask for NO green sauce on the food as pretty much everything we had, had the minty sauce all over it - and mint makes me throw up - so if you're not a fan just make it clear for all dishes ;)

2 reviews so far 6
24.06.2017 23:55

Another great evening at Zindiya. amazing food again and again. Great for couples or a group. Nice atmosphere, great service and have to mention the good one more time!

1 review so far 6
23.06.2017 22:13

Excellent food and service! Would definitely go again! A great combination of dishes that I'd never had before. A great addition to Moseley; cool decor.

1 review so far 6
23.06.2017 22:09

Really good nice food and lovely service and would return. Many thanks. Highly recommend the okra fries and the dosas together with mango lassi. Fantastic

1 review so far 6
21.05.2017 15:36

A fabulous eating experience, eschewing the standard starters-mains-desserts order of play; when the food's ready, it arrives at your table, so if you want to pace yourself, order course-by-course...unless you want it all there at once (which we were perfectly happy with!). Food is prepped fresh and fast, so you won't be waiting long. Fantastic drinks menu, including spectacular cocktails with a subcontinental twist. Superb, bustling atmosphere. Zindiya sets out its stall to replicate the feel of Indian streetfood, and it delivers on all fronts. Cannot recommend Zindiya highly enough!

1 review so far 4
09.05.2017 11:18

Our first trip to Zindiya on a Friday evening at 6:30pm (other times were booked up hence taking the early slot). The food was excellent, all of it was brilliant. The service however left a bad taste in our mouth, after our food arrived we were asked if everything is OK, which is great to be check on but then someone came by again to clear things from our table at least 3 times. We were bothered again at least twice once everything was cleared 'if we needed anything else', quite clearly being pushed to leave, we had been at our table 75 mins, not even 90 mins ! We paid our bill and left exactly 90 mins later. I totally understand that the tables need to be turned around but it is not good customer service to constantly hassle your customers and make them feel pushed out.

1 review so far 6
18.06.2017 11:53

Thank you Zindiya for a truly brilliant evening! Having visited multiple times with friends, I wanted to bring my parents here to celebrate my Dad's birthday/Father's Day. Food was fresh and super tasty and the atmosphere was buzzing. Service was fab too. My Dad said his whole experience was "excellent!" - something I've rarely heard him say about a restaurant. My parents have said they're looking forward to visiting again with their friends!

2 reviews so far 5
07.05.2017 16:52

Ref service: we were seated first and than handed the Menu, and asked about the drinks even when we had not had to Opp to look at the menu, found this to be a bit odd. Our starter was well prepared and good too, but found later at the bottom of the container most of it was filled with fry / batter bits, my main meal came first and than my parters came sum 10-13 mins later, when both meals should have come together. Cost of drinks were a bit high, and should look at other venues around the area, to compare the costs of drinks. Main meal cost of dosa as well was ok, but my lamb meat meal / dosa was a bit poor as it had little meat and was a bit fatty. Were else my parters meal with chicken was good. Tap water should be offered or given and than bottle water should be offered. Would we go again not sure.

2 reviews so far 6
30.03.2017 08:55

The whole experience at Zindiya was fantastic, I was so glad I had booked as the restaurant was fully booked, not what I was expecting for a Wednesday night! The staff were really helpful in explaining the menu and helping decide how many dishes to order. The food was absolutely wonderful, I will definitely be back!

1 review so far 5
13.04.2017 21:42

The food was excellent, but there is room for inmprovement on the service. The guys were very friendly but all our food arrive at the same time and we were expecting to have starters first and mains after, tables (for two) are small to fit 5 dishes, our plates, drinks, cutlery... the couple that was next to us had their food served before they had cutlery! Those are little things that would made the experience even better. We will definitely go again and recommend it to friends. I will be sure I will ask to bring starters first :)

1 review so far 6
09.05.2017 10:25

Fabulous food, never heard of most of the things on the menu before so it was very exciting to try new things. The Dosa's were my favourite, absolutely lovely. Good menu choice for vegetarians. We arrived at 7pm and it was quiet but it soon got busy and within half an hour all the tables were in use and people were waiting at the bar for a free table. Great value, lovely cocktails and excellent service, will definitely be going back.

1 review so far 5
29.03.2017 17:59

Good food and great atmosphere, loved the tapas idea and prices very reasonable . We were there for a few hours so saw for ourselves how Zindiya transforms from a great place to take your family in the afternoon to a more adult atmosphere in the evening.

1 review so far 3
25.06.2017 12:10

We were 15 minutes late for our table but the previous diners had over stayed and we had to wait over half an hour, apart from apologies from the really polite staff nothing else happened, even with spare tables available, we then ordered cocktails at the bar and 45 minutes later no sign of them, so alerted a waiter and again apologised, we said not to bother as it's too late now if the bar man forgot to make so we'll have masala chai instead which they offered complimentary, overall the food was ok, lamb chops were amazing however, the whole experience was already ruined, non of the waiters came a single time to ask if food or anything was ok and the place being busy was extremely loud! We may have to try a quieter time to enjoy the food!

1 review so far 5
21.03.2017 08:48

Nice new resturant, quickly, good service. Didn't enjoy 1/2 of the dishes. The lamb and chicken wrap had hard peas in it. Had to take them out or would have broke my tooth! Also I didn't like the chilli panner. Tasted like something I would make at home. Panner wasn't soft. Not to my liking. But everything else was lovely and stop on. They even make there own Gin! Defo worth going. Would go again.

2 reviews so far 6
16.03.2017 08:35

Authentic indian style tapas - looks can be deceiving, when you take a first glance at the menu, you probably don't think there's a lot of choice - but the restaurant models itself on Indian street food and it does excel. A wide range of tapas style dishes, and all very reasonably priced, the difficulty is knowing when to stop!

1 review so far 6
04.05.2017 14:13

As soon as we got there, we were led to a table by very present young lady. She took our order which came very quickly, she came to ask if everything was OK, she asked if we needed anything. After we finished we ask for a bill, which was very prompt. Really good service, food was good. Can't fault it.

1 review so far 5
09.05.2017 08:38

Zindiya is a great place and innovative. Food is delicious, the staff are friendly and like the laid back atmosphere. The only downside is the level of noise, hard to have a conversation at times.

1 review so far 5
10.03.2017 11:03

Atmosphere was good and felt comfortable straight away , not like your stuffy over rated and over priced restaurants. Menu was so easy to follow without complications.food comes out as soon as it's ready , so if you order s 3 course. You could get the desert before the starter . So it's best to order sweets treats later . Going back soon well done all involved and staff

1 review so far 4
10.05.2017 07:54

Great vibe and decor. Lovely food . cocktail choices limited. In our group we had 3 different ones and none of them were liked. Restaurant let down by the standard service charge added to the bill that I asked to be removed. I did leave a tip but good restaurants understand that is my choice. Service was average and nothing special. Will go back for the food which was good for vegetarians and non vegetarians and really tasty.

1 review so far 6
07.06.2017 09:45

Zindiya is a fantastically designed restaurant that's bright and colourful. The food was great - fresh and innovative and the service was spot on! Highly recommend.

1 review so far 6
23.04.2017 09:57

Wow. the food was delicious, satisfying and came out quickly despite it being a busy Friday night. The staff were friendly and mostly attentive although we did have to wave for drinks at one point. The atmosphere and décor wwre lovely, it very much suits the Mosely scene. I'll definitely be returning!

1 review so far 6
04.05.2017 08:48

Excellent food, excellent service, would highly recommend. Great atmosphere, brilliant decoration. Heard about this restaurant through the grapevine and so wanted to try it. So glad we did. Easy to book a table online and looking forward to trying the cocktails next time we visit . 10 out of 10

1 review so far 6
16.04.2017 08:04

We were running late so called Zindiya that will arrive 15 minutes late. Very helpful. Food and service is excellent. Will go again. Highly recommended.

1 review so far 5
16.06.2017 09:29

Great food and buzzing atmosphere. Service was a little slow on this visit - drinks took ages to arrive. But overall we will definitely be going to Zindiya again!

1 review so far 5
13.04.2017 18:25

I really enjoyed the food at Zindiya. It really reminded me of the street food in India and the atmosphere is amazing, but the service could be faster.

1 review so far 5
04.03.2017 09:14

This is a great addition to Moseley! Food was fab and really interesting - loved the trio of Dosas. Great atmosphere and mix of people. Service was a little unorganised but all of them are young and the restaurant has very recently opened so expect this will improve. Will definitely return soon and recommend to friends.

1 review so far 5
09.04.2017 00:39

Quirky place .. great service delicious food .. only crtisism .. food you order from the menu does not come in any order .. like the starter we ordered came last ! Some of it was cold too .. but will return and not order all at once ! Love the idea of 'street food '

1 review so far 6
27.05.2017 23:50

This was my first visit I came from Sutton Coldfield and will be back. The food was very good if I have o e complaint it is that both starter and main come at the same time, in fact my wife's main came first. Otherwise excellent.

1 review so far 6
15.05.2017 09:10

Staff were friendly and attentive. Moved us to a more suitable table to when they saw that one of our party was elderly and they felt that the one initially allocated was not appropriate. Food was excellent, tasty and very reasonably priced. Loved the atmosphere.

1 review so far 6
04.03.2017 07:33

Great food. Great atmosphere. Staff very friendly and efficient. We shared 7 dishes between 4 of us, and every plate was a delicious but different assault on the taste buds. Purity beer complements it all very well. Good value for money. Will be back soon.

1 review so far 6
27.05.2017 15:24

Quirky colourful decor, friendly helpful staff and delicious unusual food. The only flaw - the acoustics - very noisy my friend and I had to practically shout to hear each other. This may be the design or that the place was full and really buzzing.

1 review so far 5
10.05.2017 11:32

Absolutely delicious food, really authentic Indian flavours, I cannot fault it what so ever. The only reason I didn't give it a 6 is because the service quality isn't to it's highest standards when the restaurant is really busy. I had to remind the waiter a few times that we were waiting on items.

1 review so far 6
12.05.2017 22:05

This place is so slick that it feels like a national chain. Very impressed with the hospitality and selection of small plates keeps everything moving nicely. Excellent cocktails by our very own Robert Wood pair beautifully with the street food frivolity. Great addition to Moseley!

1 review so far 6
03.04.2017 09:56

Third visit, and if anything the food is getting better, and the service faster and slicker but still very friendly. Thoroughly recommended - everything we've tried so far has been great, including a big fragrant gin and tonic to start proceedings.

1 review so far 6
25.03.2017 20:19

Excellent food. Superb service. Looking forward to the next visit and already know what I will be choosing from the menu. We turned up a bit late but they were happy to accommodate in spite of being a busy Saturday lunch.

1 review so far 6
18.03.2017 11:17

The restaurant was brilliant. Great food and atmosphere. Unfortunately booing through Quandoo was a disaster, they had no record of the booking. We were lucky there was still a table free on a Friday night!! Will book direct next time.

1 review so far 6
20.06.2017 08:52

Great food great service . We went as a family of four and all could not fault the food , very fresh . Great value at £39 for four starters and four mains . Cant wait to go again.

1 review so far 6
25.02.2017 12:45

The food and service was fantastic. Especially the lamo chops, which went down a storm, with my friends. I amlooking forward to being a regular customer. In fact, I am coming back with a larger group next week!

1 review so far 4
11.05.2017 10:05

We enjoyed the very different food offer but would have liked a better wine list . Also we were there on a very busy night and there is only one ladies loo. There was therefore a constant queue . Overall though we will go again and congrats to the owners on coming up with a new concept.

3 reviews so far 6
23.04.2017 13:35

Exciting new place with unique amazing food for really cheap prices. Great service and good turn around on the food times. Really funky little venue. Great place to start for a night out in Moseley

1 review so far 4
09.05.2017 10:50

Busy and good ambience. Service ok but took a while for all of us to get our food - so we didn't eat at the same time, which wasn't great. The food was very good and I expect that at a less busy time, the waiting staff would have coped better

1 review so far 6
31.03.2017 09:26

Great original style decor. Relaxed friendly service. Very tasty well presented, lovely food & cocktails. Like the minimal use of crockery & cutlery (personally I like that for eco reasons & no fussiness!)

1 review so far 6
11.04.2017 21:04

Excellent food and ambience, definitely worth another visit, the parathas were very authentic. We also tried bhendi fries, gol guppas and vada paav. Brought back fond memories of our times in India.

2 reviews so far 6
18.05.2017 21:54

Excellent food, good cocktails. A little different which is nice. Will definitely be going again. My wife is vegetarian and struggles to find variety on menus. This was very good for vegetarians

2 reviews so far 5
28.04.2017 15:58

Good food, but best to order a dis or two in stages. Bit like a tapas restaurant. All our food came out at the same time and there was way too much at once. Would go again though.

1 review so far 6
18.04.2017 08:42

Great food, great atmosphere & good service. Will be returning very soon. Totally new way of eating Indian food, which keeps the experience interesting - including choice of drinks & cocktails.

1 review so far 6
25.04.2017 09:55

It was really good food and it was well priced. I have already recommended this restaurant to family and friends. I also loved the decor and the adverts in the toilets

1 review so far 6
29.04.2017 09:07

Lovely food. Great atmosphere. Excellent, cheerful service. Really like the originality of the menu and of the restaurant. We will surely be spending more time here and introducing friends to it.

1 review so far 6
04.06.2017 12:12

Great venue with brilliant friendly staff. Food was really tasty but being our first time we ordered far too many dishes. I have no doubt we will return for another visit.

1 review so far 5
01.04.2017 07:39

Great service. Good food. Decor is vibrant. Music very nice too. In particular the chaats are excellent. Also prices are decent. Finally the waiters/waitresses were excellent, always on hand and enjoyed the stage by stage ordering process.