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Portuguese restaurants come to Edinburgh

Scotland's capital city has long enjoyed some fine Mediterranean eateries. There are lots of great Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek establishments across the city. Lately though, Edinburgh has seen Portuguese restaurants opening up in numbers. The cuisine to be found in Edinburgh's Portuguese restaurants tends to be hearty, with a welcome focus on fresh ingredients. Portugal is a varied country, from the mountainous north to the hot plains of the south, and the food is similarly varied. Don't worry if the cuisine is new to you, because below you will find details of some of the most popular dishes. Hopefully you will be inspired to try them out.

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Black Pig and Oyster

Black Pig and Oyster
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    Try these favourites in Edinburgh's Portuguese restaurants

    Alheira de Mirandela is a traditional sausage made from game or fowl. It originates from northwest Portugal and can be found in many Portuguese restaurants in Edinburgh. Cataplana, meanwhile, is a seafood stew, typically cooked in a copper pan and served with rice. This rich dish comes from the Algarve, making use of the local fresh seafood. Bacalhau is almost a national obsession in Portugal. It is baked in salt and served with onions, egg and parsley. If you are a little adventurous, you might even want to try Caldeirada de Enguias, a dish of eels with saffron and bell peppers.
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    A meat lover? Try these dishes in Edinburgh's Portuguese restaurants

    While Portugal is rightly renowned for the quality of its seafood dishes, the meat lover is not left out either. Francesinha is Porto's signature dish and it is a treat for carnivores. It consists of chorizo, ham, sausage and steak, served between two slices of bread, covered with melted cheese and often topped with a fried egg. Not for the fainthearted or the calorie counter! Porco preto is black pork, which is used for the smoky, cured pata negra and the succulent secretos.
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    Enjoy simple but delicious food in Portuguese restaurants in Edinburgh

    As you can see, there are lots of different flavours to enjoy in Edinburgh's Portuguese restaurants. While the ingredients vary widely, food from Portugal does share a common philosophy. This is to bring together the very best ingredients and then cook them simply but skillfully to create intensely tasty dishes. If you enjoy Mediterranean food, you really must try out one of Edinburgh's new Portuguese restaurants.