About Harar Restaurant

Just steps from Vauxhall Park, Harar Restaurant serves Ethiopian cuisine to South London’s hungry masses. Open 7 days a week, this unique dining establishment on Vauxhall’s South Lambeth provides fresh and healthy dishes created by a passionate team of chefs and served by a friendly, caring waitstaff. An exciting culinary experience for the entire family, Harar Restaurant is conveniently located between Vauxhall and Oval tube stations, making it accessible for diners from across the city.

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Opening Times

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Harar Restaurant
49 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall
London SW8 1RH

Menu Highlights



Home Made Sambusa (Veg/Meat/Chicken)

Fried pastry shell with potato, onion and pea stuffing.

Chillie S’Nigh

Green Chillis stuffed with onion slices and fresh tomatoes dressed in olive oil.

Green Salad

Freshly prepared green salad with tomato in olive oil.

More about Harar Restaurant, London

Vegetarian-friendly and full of nutrition, the dishes on offer at Harar Restaurant harken back to traditional Ethiopian recipes passed down from generation to generation. Featuring dishes that are ideal for sharing with tablemates, usually served with a generous helping of injera – a thin sourdough bread shaped like a pancake, perfect for sopping up sauces and stews – Harar Restaurant provides a unique dining experience that’s hard to beat in London’s Vauxhall.

First timers to Harar Restaurant on South Lambeth are encouraged to take one the restaurant’s platters to taste a wide range of Ethiopian flavours. The feseg beyaynetu, for example, is ideal for one person and includes lamb, chicken and beef, expertly seasoned with a number of fresh herbs and spices. With Ethiopian cuisine being so vegetarian-friendly, herbivores have a great selection of choices including goman (spinach cooked with garlic, chilli and olive oil), azifa (spicy green lentil stew) and alicha (curry with cabbage, beans and carrots). Come in on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to witness a full coffee ceremony and taste your favourite caffeinated beverage made the Ethiopian way at this popular restaurant in London’s Vauxhall.

4 Harar Restaurant Reviews

4 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Waiting time:Very good
Value for money:Great value
Bart P.3 years ago · 1 review

Fantastic food, great service, great value! Looking forward to going back as soon as I can. Kitfo worth repeating and was delighted to have coffee ceremony added on sontaneously p.

Robert E.10 months ago · 1 review

Great food and lots of fun eating it. Service good and welcoming but would improve if more proactive. Utterly wow coffee! Came away into a cool autumn night feeling warm and happy.

vicky v.3 years ago · 1 review

We had a wonderful dinner at Harar! great location, close to Vauxshall. Very friendly service. Beautifully presented, tasty, affordable, Ethiopian cuisine. Try the Honey wine!