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About Sadler's Brewhouse & Barbecue

The fortunes of the eccentrically named Southampton neighbourhood The Polygon have waxed and waned over the years, but thanks to a thriving student population courtesy of Southampton Solent University and a corresponding rise in the number of bars and restaurants setting up shop in the area, the rather pretty Victorian district is becoming a dining and drinking destination. An iconic addition to the precinct, Sadler’s Brewhouse & Barbecue is leading the charge when it comes to craft beer, high spirits, and authentic American-style barbecue eats built from a lockerful of locally-sourced meat and premium ingredients, served up with a good-humoured flourish on the corner of London Road and Ordnance Road.

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Sadler's Brewhouse & Barbecue
74 London Road, The Polygon
Southampton SO15 2AJ

Menu Highlights




Pork and Chorizo Hot Link sausages made for us locally to our own specifications. Smoked for 3 hours then chargrilled lightly. BEARS’ GRILL:


Pork shoulder coated in mustard and our secret pit rub then smoked for up to 24 hours over hickory and oak. Torn into chunky pieces then tossed in Max’s Mustard Sauce.


8oz (227g) British Beef Rump Steak. Chargrilled to your liking then topped with garlic butter. Served with fries, ‘slaw AND cornbread of the day.



6oz Hampshire Buffalo Burger. Chargrilled then topped with Buffalo Mozzarella and basil


8oz Hampshire Beef Burger. Chargrilled then topped with bacon and American cheese.


8oz Hampshire Beef Burger. Chargrilled then topped with American Cheese, pulled pork and smoked gammon.







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More about Sadler's Brewhouse & Barbecue, Southampton

The kitchen wing of Sadler’s Brewhouse & Barbecue is headed up by the dynamic duo of Max and Tom, permanently protected by wraparound shades due to their all-day exposure to billowing clouds of scented smoke. Smoke from the griddle, that is – these guys run a clean all-American operation and the students dossing in The Polygon and BBQ fans from all over Southampton are starting to wake up and smell the rump steak. Sadler’s London Road premises are an easy reach from the city centre, Southampton Central station is cherrystone’s throw away, and you can’t miss its weatherboard cabin-in-the-woods look unless it’s a cloudy day and you’ve got your shades on.

As for the food, Sadler’s divvies up the menu into Low & Slow and Hard & Fast tempos – seriously humorous and far too generous dishes like Pork This Way, Simple The Breast, and the mighty Bears’ Grill for two or more feasters on the one hand, In Cod We Trust, Skurt Cobain, and Take These Broken Wings on the other – you choose the tempo. No meal at this devoted Southampton American barbecue restaurant would be complete without a couple of cold ones, and with nine taps dispensing the house brews – from the Peaky Blinder black and Hop Bomb American IPAs and the to the Worcester Sorcerer and the Boris Citrov (an orange marmalade ale, no less) – and keeping things interesting, Sadler’s puts the brewhouse shoulder to shoulder with the barbecue in the dodgy heart of The Polygon.

114 Sadler's Brewhouse & Barbecue Reviews

114 Reviews
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Oana B.9 days ago · 1 review

Lovely lovely evening. The food is great, there is a very good selection of drinks and the staff is very friendly. We highly recommend it

Adam P.9 days ago · 1 review

Fantastic food and excellent friendly service.Will be returning as soon as possible.Been to many similar establishments and they do not compare.A bit out of the way but well worth the trip

Ross G.16 days ago · 13 reviews

Thursday night platter. This was incredible this week. I added the steak to it, which was out of this world. Everything is cooked to perfection. Amazing.

Ross G.21 days ago · 13 reviews

Absolutely incredible. A date night for me and my girlfriend, and Sadlers yet again did not disappoint. We had a pint of peaky blinders and a peaky blinders rum and coke to drink, both of which were lovely. Then to eat we had the TOM PETTITE AND THE HEARTBREAKERS burger, and the massive TOWER OF LOVE burger (3 burgers, topped with pulled pork, gammon and chicken thigh) it was huge. As ridiculously big as it was though, it was delicious. Best burgers in Southampton in my opinion. Best place to eat in Southampton too. Staff are excellent, friendly, helpful. The food is of high quality, and waiting times are minimal. Highly recommend this place to anyone.

Jenni N.2 months ago · 1 review

This is was the first time we had visited the Sadlers Brewhouse. We googled bucket of chicken wings and their website came up. We booked easily online. When we turned up they seemed quite flustered and lots of things were missing from the menu. The venue has a nice air to it, great place for a group get together, a bit too loud for a date. Took them a whilst to sort out a table but we were sat on comfortable raised bar stools at a table for two by the radiator which was welcomed as it was raining and cold outside. We ordered drinks and the waiter was funny and cheerful. We ordered the chicken wings and he was very informative and checked some questions we had with the kitchen regarding allergens. At this point he asked for either ID or a bank card because they had recently had a lot of ‘dine and dash’ situations. I offered to pay in advance if it was a problem but not a problem for us. ID handed over and food ordered. The music was great, a real mix of alternative rock songs from across the ages and from our vantage point we could see some of the amazing creations coming from the kitchen. We took pictures to send to the food/meat centric people we know. Very Instagram friendly food! Our food came out and it looked fabulous. I had asked for a blue cheese sauce which had been confirmed with the kitchen before placing my order. However I could see the kitchen staff in a fluster (polite word) about providing this, apparently the blue cheese sauce wasn’t a sauce, more of a butter. Not a problem for me, add mayo and off we go but it wasn’t great seeing the annoyance of the staff considering I did ask before ordering. The food was divine! Best wings I’ve had in this country! They were covered in the right amount of sauce, crunchy at the edges and succulent and meaty. Very very impressed. Chips were crunchy and all allergen requirements were met which is great! We made a mess of ourselves using our hands and spare plates were provided for the bones with plenty of napkins. Our table was partially cleared and then no one came back. We weren’t offered further drinks or puddings and the rest of the table wasn’t cleared. After 15 minutes or so we flagged down a staff member to ask for the bill. 15 minutes later no bill had arrived. I think I may have figured out why so many customers dine and dash... although you could dine and crawl out of there and I don’t think anyone would notice. Eventually the bill came and the staff disappeared again. We weren’t comfortable leaving the cash on the table and going as there were no staff to ensure it wasn’t pocketed so we went to the bar to hand over the money and collect my ID. Overall we were very impressed with the food. The customer service was poor although the staff were nice. Solve the dine and dash problem by ensuring customers are taken care of at the end of their meals and I think this would be a problem of the past. Would highly recommend for the food!

Ross G.6 months ago · 13 reviews

Yet again we went back for the 'BLAZING SADLERS THURSDAY NIGHT PLATTER'. We have been many times before, for this and for other meals, and yet again this did not disappoint. For £12 the amount of food you get each is great. 2 buffalo wings, gammon, bourbon pulled pork, hot links sausage and (my favourite) the garlic and herb chicken thigh. And of our party added the steak this time too, and I think I will be adding it next time again. All with a lot of chips and coleslaw and salad. I mustn't forget the delicious corn bread either. That is a great addition to it. This time I had the new (I think it was a special) beer called FIRE CATCHER. very nice. Although all of the sadlers beers are great. We come once a month for the Thursday platter, and they seem to just get better and better (this week was the best!) I can't recommend Sadlers enough.

Lorna F.3 months ago · 1 review

I went on Valentine’s Day and had the valentines board. This board had steak, tiger prawns, fries, squid rings, asparagus and much more. Id say everything on that board was done perfectly apart from the squid rings (didn’t have enough flavour for me). The steak was the single best cooked steak I’ve ever eaten had so much flavour and cooked to the exact liking (medium). Service was great and didn’t have to wait long at all for the food. Could be a little cheaper but you do get what you pay for, so not to worried. Would 100% would go to again.

Paula B.7 months ago · 1 review

We had high hopes after looking at the menu online. However, we booked a table for a Thursday for a birthday meal and was very disappointed to learn, after we arrived, that the full menu was not available. You could only choose from a £12 or £24 platter, or 3 other main meals. Having said that the food was very nice - particularly the gammon on the platter. Another annoying thing was the choice of dessert. We were told we could have either chocolate cheesecake or lemon gateau. We ordered a couple of cheesecakes but when they were brought out it was chocolate gateau. We asked about the cheesecake but was just given a shrug of the shoulders and an “I don’t know why the waitress said it was cheesecake, we don’t have cheesecake” and he walked away. I know Sadlers has a laid back feeling, but I mean there’s laid back, and there’s disregard for your customers.

Mark H.5 months ago · 1 review

We always have a great experience at Sadlers and our Christmas eve meal was no different. We arrived nearly an hour early for our table booking, but fortunately the guys were able to accommodate us. The staff were their usual helpful friendly selves, and the manager kept jokingly reminding us we were early. We always try to pop on when we're down from Birmingham as the food and atmosphere is top notch. Thanks guys.

Rebecca A.2 months ago · 1 review

We had a good night but the service wasn't up to the expected standard by a long shot - we waited for nearly an hour for our food to arrive and when it did it came in waves so a few people got theirs a LONG time before others. There was also one Bears Grill which my friend was unable to eat much of because the whole plate was literally drenched in the hot sauce from the wings. The other grills had no hot sauce on any of the meat other than the wings. When we pointed it out we were told (rather abruptly) that there was nothing they could do as the kitchen had closed (?!?). Will probably give it a miss in future which is a real shame.

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