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About tibits

Please note that tibits accepts reservations for four or more guests only. All bookings are made for the downstairs area, surrounded by natural light. Walk-in groups of any size are always welcome, and if you’d like to book for a party of 20 or more please contact the restaurant directly

The Swiss know, it seems, what it means to live and eat holistically. tibits is the initiative of a Swiss family, three Swiss brothers indeed, named Daniel, Christian, and Reto Frei. With a little help from their friends and legendary vegetarian restaurateurs Rolf and Marielle Hiltl (of Zurich’s Haus Hiltl fame), they founded the London outpost of tibits in London’s Mayfair, an eatery that is a unique proposition in London’s already niche vegetarian restaurant scene. Choose from over 40 vegan and vegetarian dishes and drinks from this Heddon Street restaurant’s gourmet buffet, open for breakfast through to dinner, and only pay by weight!

Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 - 22:30
  • Tuesday 09:00 - 22:30
  • Wednesday 09:00 - 22:30
  • Thursday 09:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 09:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 09:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday 11:30 - 22:30


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Fondue at Tibits


Swiss Cheese Fondue (per group of 4) Potatoes and bread for dipping. 1 bottle of house wine. £25 per person. Optional: Vegan cheese fondue (£5 supplement) Extras - highly recommended £4/ shot of kirsch £4/ mixed vegetables £5.50/ Mulled wine


24 hours notice required. All bookings are taken in groups of 4. Maximum capacity 24. For the true Alpine experience tables are on our lovely outside terrace.

tibits, 12-14 Heddon Street, W1B 4DA London

Further Information

It’s worth knowing that tibits is an international phenomenon, with eight restaurants in total across Switzerland and now the UK with the opening of tibits London’s Mayfair premises. Unsurprisingly for a restaurant committed to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, the menus are highly seasonal, keeping an already exciting offering on its toes all year round. At the time of writing, diners to tibits Heddon Street restaurant were being treated to summer specials like the Turkish bulghur wheat-based kisir salad, Lebanese tabbouleh, Japanese nasu dengaku (glazed aubergine), Italian gnocchi Verano, Cuban yuca con cebolla, Indonesian tempeh and more.

Get the picture? With the utmost respect paid to the mighty artichoke this is the globe’s best vegan and vegetarian cuisine, cherrypicked and brought fresh as can be to table. tibits is fighting the good fight (alongside a good number of other London vegetarian restaurants) for the notion that you don’t need meat to beat hunger, and you certainly don’t need meat for food to be exciting. You can certainly do without meat for healthy eating, and it’s the balance struck between exciting, international flavours and a healthy conscience (on the ethical and biological levels) that tibits has got so very right, here in London’s Mayfair and in their continental outposts, too. Book a table at tibits’s popular premises down Heddon Street and watch the disappointed walk-ins turn green with envy!


236 Reviews

5.2 /6 Excellent 236 Reviews
Service: friendly
Waiting Time: no waiting time
Noise: quiet
Food: heavenly
Quality/Price: cheap
Atmosphere: excellent
109 6
85 5
31 4
5 3
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4 1
1 review so far 6
26.01.2017 07:59

Fantastic place. My second visit after my daughter brought me here the week before. Really like the way that the food is laid out for you to see what you are getting, and you can help yourself to get a full variety on a plate. None of us are vegetarians but we loved having something a bit different to what you would get in normal restaurants. Beautiful quiet backstreet, I could sit outside waiting for the others under patio heaters. Hard to believe this was a couple of minutes walk away from Oxford Circus! Staff were very helpful and friendly apart from one behind the bar who was completely lacking in charisma. With a reservation we were able to sit downstairs which meant it was quiet and had plenty of space - this was ideal for a family birthday get-together. We will come back

1 review so far 6
04.01.2017 09:00

Excellent choice of food, first class quality offering great value and friendly staff who want to please and help. Easy to find ideal central London location.

1 review so far 6
04.01.2017 00:55

The food was good - healthy and delicious! The restaurant is suitable for lunch and dinner with friends and family. The price seems to be a bit expensive, but we can enjoy vegetarian and vegan food.

1 review so far 6
22.12.2016 09:41

Beautiful place and very friendly, warm staff. And great food of course! Especially pleased to see so many vegan desserts. Thank you! There were crackers on our table when we arrived which was a lovely touch.

1 review so far 6
30.08.2016 22:26

This a lovely light restaurant with a friendly and informal meal. The birch trees provide a talking point and some natural privacy. We thoroughly enjoyed the concept and enjoyed 90% of what we tried, which is a much better hit rate than many places, veggie included. Main comments for mgmt are - I was put off trying the lovely looking curry by the lack of anything to soak it up with - no rice, barley, quinoa, pasta? Naan wasn't appropriate for something so liquid, as it couldn't dam the plate from other food. Also - how about providing some bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar? Could be a standard small plate separately priced, or free, like tibits

1 review so far 6
26.06.2016 13:02

We held an anniversary party at tibits, with 24 guests, and the staff could not have been more helpful. We were seated downstairs, which was light and airy, and accessible by the lift for those who needed it. The food was fantastic, such a lot of choice, and variety, all so fresh and well presented. The price was very reasonable, all in all, we will gladly return to tibits!

1 review so far 5
27.06.2016 11:18

We want for my son's birthday as he has recently become a vegan. The food was delicious and there was a great choice and range which appealed to all the family. Only prob was having to carry heavily laden trays and glasses downstairs. If I'd known in advance I would have booked a table upstairs. On the other hand upstairs was a bit noisy when we arrived and downstairs was quieter so that was to our advantage. Staff were pleasant and I asked one if he could bring wine and glasses downstairs for us which he did most obligingly. I wonder if there could be some members of staff on hand to help senior members of the public or those with disabilities carry their trays downstairs. Didn't notice a lift but there may well have been one. If not could they please install one. Everything else very good and we would go again.

1 review so far 4
01.09.2016 17:25

Good to have a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in this area as my daughter is vegan and it's always difficult finding a restaurant we both like. Nice relaxed atmosphere, buffet food only so no table service which I knew about and was fine. The downside for me is that you don't know how much your food is going to cost you until you get to the till where they weigh it. It would be so much better for customers to be able to weigh their food and know what the cost will be prior to that. My bill came as a bit of a shock to be honest as the food is quite expensive. £15 for quite a small plateful. Nice vegan passion fruit cream dessert and lovely sticky toffee pudding on offer, but some of the other puddings looked nice but were slightly odd to taste, e.g the, panacotta made from tofu tasted weird! No crumble on offer which was on their online menu so a huge disappointment for me. I would go again but would recommend you be careful with portion sizes if you're on a budget.

1 review so far 6
14.01.2016 16:58

Everything about Tibits is, I think, excellent. Only problem is that their few mundane items (eg onion rings) are sufficiently nice, too, that they take up a bit of stomach space that could be used for the wide range of truly delicious and diverse veggie dishes. (One pays by weight of food selected. A loyalty card stamp is given for every plate with food - including afters - over 5 pounds sterling, so splitting a 10-pound-plus plate into two gets an extra loyalty stamp. Also, within reason, a free small but tasty roll is included with each plate, so lift it off the plate when it is being weighed.)

1 review so far 4
11.07.2016 19:18

Experience was so, so. Arrived and told the staff we had a table booked. The restaurant wasn't busy and we were asked if we wanted to sit in or outside. We were also asked if we had been before and when we said no, we were given a quick explanation of how "the boat" worked - ie choose your food, have it weighed and pay at the bar. All good but even better if we had been given more explanations on the dishes on offer - which were vegetarian and which were vegan? No guidance on any intolerances so difficult to ascertain which dish contained what. However, food was good and dishes replenished quickly. No-one came to check if we were happy with our meal which was a shame. Overall ok but not sure I would put it top of my return list.

1 review so far 5
29.07.2016 00:20

Our table was booked downstairs and as it was early we were the only ones there, so we felt a bit hidden away. The staff were very accommodating about us moving outside however, and the food was delicious and very reasonable for central London. We found getting and paying for the food quite simple and quick, but having to wait for the drinks meant that the food was going cold, as making 4 cocktails took a while! It would have been much better to bring the drinks to our table when done, rather than us having to wait at the bar. Overall a positive experience though, and something a bit different.

1 review so far 5
22.09.2016 10:44

I loved the restaurant. Food is great. Wonderful choice and surprisingly great value for money. My only quibble is that having booked a table for 7, the waiter very keen to get us to use the downstairs part of the restaurant. This would need us to go down the stairs with food on a slippy tray. One our party has mobility problems. There was room in the main part and we settled ourselves there. I did go down to the basement and was glad we were not there as the atmosphere was not so good. Overall very good and will definitely return.

1 review so far 4
26.02.2016 11:07

The food was good and the cost very reasonable. The main criticism would be that it was difficult to find staff to direct us - we were a group of seven first-timers and it would have been good if someone had been there to greet us and explain things, whereas we had to "catch" someone and ask what the procedure was. Also, between courses, it would have been good to have had someone clear the trays/dishes away from the table - we were lucky that other tables were free and we were able to transfer them onto it. It may be that there was a "procedure" but, as I say there was no-one handy to ask. Overall a good night and we would go back.

1 review so far 6
14.01.2016 22:06

The food was fresh and tasty. The service was great. My friend and I also enjoyed the smoothies and the atmosphere at tibits. It is also child-friendly. I will definitely take my family to have lunch or dinner there again.

1 review so far 6
08.09.2016 04:14

We had a great meal at Tibits. The two of us who are vegetarians really enjoyed the variety of hot and cold dishes available but the other three meat eaters in our party cleared their plates too. The mushroom and chestnut dish was especially tasty. We all felt we were too full for dessert but managed to share the delicious lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies. Staff were pleasant and helpful. A very good evening, enjoyed by all.

1 review so far 5
03.02.2016 12:20

Hello, I love Tibits and the food. My only concern was that the team was very thoughtful. During my visit my arm was broken, and the cast was visible. I know it's self service restaurant, but in cases like this staff should be considerate and offer to help to carry the tray. I was 2 times at the till and no one even offered help. Having a tray with a plate and a drink, not very easy to take downstairs. I am not complaining, it's only a thought for future. Thanks

1 review so far 6
05.10.2016 22:49

I discovered Tibits a few years ago and have returned many times. First impressions are good, great décor and atmosphere. The self-service procedure is good; lots to choose from, have as much or as little as you want. Everything appetising, fresh and well presented. Food and drink is always delicious. For informal gatherings of a larger group of friends it is suitably relaxed and comfortable downstairs. Upstairs great for 2, 3 or 4.

1 review so far 5
21.05.2016 08:16

The food was amazing (but you will have to pay a lot in order to taste everything)! The system at the till was supposed to be nice and smooth, but there were long lines (especially when somebody ordered a cocktail, the whole queue stood still). The atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely and calm, no loud background music and the decor is nice. Definitely a place worth visiting when you can afford to spend a bit more on your food, whether you're a veggie or not!

1 review so far 4
09.10.2016 08:28

Very nice location and helpful staff. Seating request attended to. I don't eat desserts myself but the other people who came along thought it would work better if the dessert counter was not part of the mains counter. Unfortunately I was charged for one plate of food which appeared on the tab and which we had not selected. It appeared after the desserts whilst drinks, mains and desserts were in sequence as ordered. It was clearly an error which could have happened because of using a tab or due to staff being very busy. It was sorted fairly quickly. Food of great quality.

1 review so far 5
15.10.2016 08:34

Tibits is a good vegetarian restaurant with lots of choice to satisfy all dietary requirements. Concept is great buffet style and to pay what your plate weighs and somehow it works! Usually a plate of food costs £8-15 depending on quantity taken. Lots of interesting food and the food is replenished often. The atmosphere and texture of the restaurant is interesting. An easy place to meet up with friends as it is also quite centrally located (not far from Oxford Circus ).

1 review so far 6
15.10.2016 10:28

Great vegetarian restaurant (with vegan options). The food is always fresh and delicious. I love the fact that you serve yourself and you pay at the start so you can just spend your time eating and socialising with the people you're with, and then leave when you're ready, no waiting around/looking at menus/ordering/trying to get the waiter's attention/etc. Highly reccomended for great food, great atmosphere and great setting.

1 review so far 6
26.06.2016 10:07

Great venue. Fantastic range and variety of food choice which imprested even the most sceptical meat eater in the party who went back for seconds and is still convinced there was meat on the menu. Staff were friendly. Despite the fact you are weighing, it seems a little overpriced for what you got on your plate but then you are paying a premium for a good location.

1 review so far 5
08.01.2016 12:06

Helpful staff. Great choice of delicious food from the extensive buffet. I appreciated the many vegan options. Spicy carrot soup was excellent. I enjoyed the endives braised with orange, the simply cooked savoy cabbbage and the slightly crazy decor downstairs (pleasant area, as it's quieter down there). I took a group of Israeli cousins and they loved it, especially the desserts. Only small quibble, the plates were cold. Would be nice to have warm plates on a cold winter's day.

3 reviews so far 5
27.12.2016 07:52

We had reserved a table but did not realise this self service restaurant was on two levels. Our table was reserved downstairs whilst the buffet was on the ground level, this meant carrying the food up and down. We were fortunate we found a small table at the top of the stairs and moved there. Food variety and quality excellent, something for everyone. Drinks were also good. I would recommend this restaurant even for non vegetarians. We hope to return

1 review so far 5
24.12.2016 10:02

Yet another successful lunch at Tibits. One of our group had not been to Tibits before, but was an instant convert. Delicious savouries hot and cold, each listing the ingredients, helpful for people needing or wishing to avoid certain foodstuffs. Simply and elegantly arranged from self service with room for many, to the payment once you place your plate on the scales by each till. The service is always polite and pleasant, often spirited with good humour. Bravo Tibits!

1 review so far 5
02.10.2016 10:39

Great place and especially good for a large party, like us. Food is delicious and an excellent price. My brother usually complains if there is no meat, but really enjoyed the food. He and his family were delighted to find a good veggie restaurant to recommend to their meat-avoiding friends too. Very relaxed and easy. We stayed chatting for hours, and as the restaurant wasn't terribly busy, we were welcomed to stay as long as we liked.

1 review so far 4
03.11.2015 11:22

I had to find staff to go to our reserved table and when we went to get our food there was no one to explain what the system was until eventually a member of staff saw our confused faces. The waiter was very helpful in finding out which foods I could eat based on my allergies. The atmosphere was great and lovely decor. The food was all cold which was a shame considering the price paid by weight. Desserts were disappointing to be honest. Wonderful location and decor but food was not to my liking unfortunately.

1 review so far 3
29.04.2016 10:28

I've been at Tibits for dinner for the first time on a Thursday night with my boyfriend and the family. The place is really nice, a lot of people but not a feeing of crowded place. I did not expect the self-service as only option and the "weight system" does not work so well I guess, and the price a bit high for the quantity of food you have in the plate at the end. No crowded at the self service isle though, so easy to manage. The food quality not too bad, even if you do not have meat you do not miss it, but not so much choice. Dessert/fruit corner a bit poor. Different experience, suggested for once, not sure if I'll come back soon.

1 review so far 6
27.12.2015 08:02

First time for me although some of our group are regulars. Downstairs was warm and comfortable, service friendly and food very good. One thing to look at - our online booking had not arrived at the venue and the staff didn't have it - i showed it on my phone. No problem as you weren't full but next time, I'll call direct.

1 review so far 6
16.01.2016 12:30

Tibits is my favourite restaurant. It's unique and the food is amazing. I do feel the staff behind the counter could be a little more friendly. Also, even though I'd booked a table someone had taken it! Perhaps more should be done to stop this happening. Nevertheless the helpful staff on the floor sorted us out a table very quickly.

1 review so far 5
28.02.2016 10:00

Tibits is never a disappointment for the food! Always fresh and tasty! We had booked a table for 4 and only 2 of us could make it, I think the manager was not very happy about this as she just turned her back to us when we said it would be only 2 people and we didn't see her again for the rest of the lunch. But overall really good experience !

1 review so far 4
22.12.2016 09:14

We arrived early for our booking but were accommodated as restaurant was not full at this point, because of the self service system that operates later it became rather congested around the food boat and bar. We arrived about 5pm, evening service starts at 6pm, I felt some of the dishes had been sitting around a while and needed refreshing, a few were almost empty. Overall we love the choice of vegan/vegetarian options and you can gauge how much you pay as it is by weight.

1 review so far 5
16.07.2016 07:49

I really enjoy this restaurant. I went with some friends of at least 2 were vegetarians and normaly we go to a restaurant where the choices are limited but not here as every thing is vegetarian with many vegan options and the food is clearly labelled for allergies to certain foods such as soya. Lovely restaurant, helpful staff, this is my second time and I would go again.

1 review so far 6
26.10.2015 07:42

The staff were really helpful and friendly - food was delicious- you plate your food up yourself and then it's charged by weight- if you get a tab you just pay at the end .. There's a variety of hot and cold dishes. High and low seating - plum crumble was amazing... Really relaxing atmosphere.

1 review so far 5
22.03.2016 08:44

Excellent freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan food, masses of choice from soups, salads, hot and cold main courses to desserts. Relaxed atmosphere, not too noisy so you can have a conversation. Very unusual as you pay by weight and price is very reasonable per 100g. They provide tap water so avoid bottled water which is overpriced. otherwise very good and would certainly visit again.

2 reviews so far 5
22.12.2015 10:03

Very good food as usual and nice decor. On arrival one of our party didn't like the high seats but we were quickly able to move to another, big table. Loved the free Xmas party hats and napkins, nice touch. we stayed there for a couple of hours and as usual we didn't feel rushed. A good time overall, once again.

1 review so far 4
27.01.2016 10:05

Amazing food , warm atmosphere , helpful staff and our group of extremely excited ( we are going to Trinidad Carnival !) friends didn't feel rushed to leave once we had finished our meal . We will definitely be going back . Only improver would be the maintenance of the toilets ( in terms of having essentials readily available and more regular cleaning ) . That was a tad disappointing after such a great meal .

1 review so far 5
16.12.2015 21:41

Great choice of food in a quiet haven just off Regent Street. Like the way they charge - by weight. Get a table downstairs - upstairs can get very busy with customers going back and forward to the food bar and to pay. Issue with the gents' toilet - leak from a pipe or cistern that wasn't being dealt with.

1 review so far 6
08.06.2016 08:15

This was our first visit to Tibits - lunch with my family to celebrate my 70th birthday. It was great to have such a wide choice of tasty vegetarian dishes. At noon downstairs it was quiet and a relaxing place to spend time with the family and enjoy our lunch.

2 reviews so far 6
29.08.2016 09:33

tibits is a great restaurant. The food is fantastic. So much choice. Colours and flavours are fab and it's really fresh and tasty. Highly recommended

1 review so far 6
13.09.2016 14:45

tibits have brilliant food, great drinks and a good vibe. will definitely be visiting again. have a good range for a variety of people. x

2 reviews so far 4
15.06.2016 09:00

This was my second time at Tibits. Location is great and the staff are very nice. The food is mostly delicious, but I'd like more variety in hot food. In the online menu they advertised things that I was expecting to have for dinner, but then were not there. I also think it's a little overpriced. I paid around £25 for a plate of dinner, a juice and a very small portion of dessert.

1 review so far 6
04.02.2016 11:00

Excellent location, stunning food and friendly staff - what more do I need? I have taken about a dozen people (not all at once) to Tibits over the last two years and received nothing but praise. I hope that it doesn't get bigger or more expensive in the future.

1 review so far 6
10.09.2016 09:22

Really fresh and deliciously cooked vegan food including the best panacotta I have ever had. My non-vegetarian/vegan friend, who is a total foody, was charmed by the offerings at Tibits. Especially the panacotta, which is one of her favourites. The staff at Tibits are unfailingly polite, friendly and helpful.

1 review so far 5
20.02.2016 09:26

all of cuisine is so delicious! restaurant is also good mood. but the number of kind of cuisine is less than i thought. i wanna visit to tibits again!

1 review so far 6
28.01.2016 12:56

The food was amazing even my meet eater friend loved it so much! The wine we tried was really nice and even if we had no chance to try the cocktails looked delicious. The restaurant itself nice and friendly just like the staff. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

1 review so far 3
04.09.2016 13:07

Interesting concept but it really doesn't work. The vegetarian food on offer is varied but lacks flavour and most of the 'hot' dishes were lookwarm. Because you have to weigh your plate, you have no idea how much you will end up paying and tge queue to pay is slow and all the time the food is getting colder. If you're in a big group everyone gets back to the table at different times. The staff aren't overly helpful and what limited service there was available was fiarly poor. I am definitely never going back again.

1 review so far 6
20.07.2016 07:34

Great vegetarian restaurant with lots of choices. Lots of hot and cold salads and dishes. Nice ambience. I have been there many times. On Tuesday they have "vegan day" when all the food on the foodboat is vegan. You have to try the sticky toffee pudding!

1 review so far 5
08.09.2016 11:37

The food was nicely presented, and really tasty. Slightly disappointed that we booked a table and was put downstairs when they had outside seating, I feel I should have been asked? But very nice ambiance, and very please with dinner. Had a big plate and large glass of wine for under £20 - very happy!

1 review so far 5
19.01.2016 13:23

I've been to tibits many times now: it is not only good, the food seems to be nicer and/or from a new menu every time I go,